Arrow Vixen
Megalyn Echikunwoke will play Vixen in "Arrow" Season 4. Pictured: Echikunwoke attends "'He Named Me Malala" New York premiere on Sept. 24, 2015. Getty

“Arrow” will welcome a new hero in 2016, but some fans are already familiar with her. Mari McCabe/Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke) will head to Star City in Season 4, TV Insider reports. The animal-powered metahuman will cross paths with the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and his crew, but this isn’t the first time fans have seen Mari meet Ollie.

1. Cartoon Origins – “Vixen” is a cartoon on the CW Seed, an online streaming platform. Echikunwoke voiced the character there as well. The six-episode series showed her origins and her introduction to the Green Arrow and the Flash (Grant Gustin), but it isn’t clear if the live action CW drama will introduce her as an old friend or a new metahuman. However, Echikunwoke knew that there was a possibility her character would be in the primetime shows.

“[The fans are] so excited,” she said in a promotional video. “And this is just the animated version of this character. So you know, if it goes forward, I’m so excited to see Mari on ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash.’”

Watch Echikunwoke introduce the web series and her character below:

2. Powers – Vixen can use the powers of animals. Whether she needs speed, strength or anything else, a totem passed down from her ancestors gives her all the abilities she needs to take on villains.

3. African – Though her story takes place stateside, Mari is from Africa. In the cartoon, she moved to America after her village was attacked. Several of her family members were killed, but Mari’s mother managed to keep Mari and the totem safe by hiding her in the foster care system. This differs from the comics, where Mari was orphaned and fled to America.

4. She Made History – Mari isn’t quite as famous as Superman or Batman, but she is still a big deal in the DC Comics world. Vixen was the first black woman to star in her own comic series.

Vixen is set to make her first appearance in “Arrow” Season 4, episode 15, which will air in February 2016.