In a unique twist to breaking down music opinions, digital publication has used artificial intelligence to judge users' music taste based on their Spotify playlists and listening behaviors.

Prior to giving the A.I. bot access to the Spotify account, users can have an automated messenger conversation with the bot that explains why it is qualified to judge a person’s taste in music.

“I’ve been trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you've never heard of,” the bot states.

Once logged in, the robot won’t post or change anything about the Spotify user account, however, it can harshly criticize the person’s music taste. Some of the critiques include a percentage rating on their Spotify music choices and checking whether the listener was serious when they chose to listen to certain songs.

One user revealed the bot informed him about his dated tastes. “You’re stuck in the early 2010s. For you, music’s been all downhill since [South Korean rapper] RM made [the song] moonchild,” the comment read.

The launch of the bot comes after the release of Spotify’s annual Wrapped list, which allows users to review the songs, artists, genres, and podcasts they streamed the most throughout 2020.

Globally, Bad Bunny was the most-streamed artist of 2020, followed by Drake, who landed in second place. They were followed by J Balvin, Juice WRLD, and The Weeknd, who came in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

Meanwhile, the most-streamed song globally was “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd.

This illustration picture shows the logo of online streaming music service Spotify displayed on a tablet screen in Paris, April 19, 2018. LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images