Swiss Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini has transcended established horizons of art and fashion with his new project, Dame di Cartone (Cardboard Ladies). The  portraits of women he has created mimic the look of historical paintings.

The exclusive photographs depict women clad in cardboard costumes designed in different styles, including those from the 17th century and the fifties. Some of these creations are motivated by cubism.

Educated in Italy and Switzerland, Tagliavini lives and works as a graphic designer and photographer. He is known for his creations on unexplored themes or unusual concepts, featuring uncommon people with their lives and their thoughts made visible. This rich and exciting collision of circumstances results in photos as a final product.

For the current project, Tagliavini made use of cardboard and paper instead of fabric. Right from the conceptualization to the patterning and the final creation of the outfit, the photographer worked to take command of the entire creative process.

Take a look at the images from his unique Dame di Cartone project in the slideshow given: