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  • Ashley Judd shared new photos and a video of her leg two months after her accident in the Congo
  • The actress also detailed the challenges she has faced in her recovery
  • Judd said she's already made significant progress, but the nerve damage will take time to fix

Ashley Judd has shared an update on her health and recovery after she "shattered" her leg in a harrowing accident in the Democratic Republic of the Congo back in February.

Judd, 53, took to Instagram Saturday to share a series of pictures and a video of her leg, which had been broken in four places and suffered severe nerve damage after she fell while hiking in a Congo rainforest. They showed the scarring on her leg from multiple surgeries.

"I am getting back up," she wrote on Instagram.

Judd detailed the progress she has made in her rehabilitation and explained that she's working on manipulating her leg in different directions to regain her strength.

"With the kind of injury I (and many others) have, we speak of degrees," the actress shared. "In the video, 109 degrees was an outrageous dream, and trying to reach it was agony. I did 60 of those heel slides a day. I sobbed through them. I made it because of the loving exhortation and validation of my many friends."

The "Double Jeopardy" star went on to reveal that she's already made significant progress.

"Yesterday, I effortlessly reached the benchmark of 130 degrees. I can nearly reach my knee as you see in one picture," Judd wrote. "My feet can rest almost parallel. The knee is coming along, the four fractures healing."

However, Judd said it will take much longer before the nerve damage can be fixed and that it still limits her ability to walk.

"The peroneal nerve injury will take at least a year," she added. "I concentrate hard at moving my very still foot (and appreciate my sister’s medical-grade massages which remind my brain that I do have a right foot). Come June, I will walk with a brace and a cane."

Judd already has a new destination in mind for her next trip when she recovers. She shared a photo of herself with a travel guide to hiking in Patagonia and said that it's her next goal.

"Look out, Patagonia, because when that nerve heals, you'll be seeing me. My partner gave me that book for my recent birthday. I believe," Judd said, adding that she also plans to return to the Congo in the future.

She concluded her lengthy post with a Bible verse, Psalm 84:5-6, which read, "Blessed are those whose strength is in you. Who have set their hearts on a pilgrimage. Passing through the valley of Weeping. They make it a place of springs."

Judd was in the central African country to study bonobos, an endangered great apes species, when the accident occurred. She tripped over a fallen tree and broke her leg. She blamed a faulty headlamp that made it difficult for her to see her surroundings during the excursion.

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