New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wasn't the only Republican presidential candidate to venture onto Twitter and get burned for doing so on Tuesday. Christie, who saw his campaign slogan "#TellingItLikeItIs" taken over by critics after his campaign announcement Tuesday morning, was joined by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. The super PAC associated with Jindal's campaign invited social media attention with "#AskBobby," which they tweeted just before Jindal began his first town hall meeting in Waukee, Iowa.

The Christie and Jindal campaigns don't seem to have understood that online anonymity draws a different kind of response than an Iowa town hall. In Waukee, people stood up and asked their questions in person. On Twitter, avatars of Donald Trump with a giant orange moustache, identified as "Donald J. Drumpf," are free to ask and say anything, including ponder whether or not your birth certificate is real.


The #AskBobby campaign was a hit and blew up with more than 17,000 tweets mentioning the tag in the first few hours. It just didn't appear to be a hit for Jindal himself. Trolls questioned "Bobby" on things all along the spectrum. One, apparently referring to his views on evolution, asked whether or not anyone can "pet a dinosaur or just Jesus."