Assassin’s Creed Origins
A minor "Assassin's Creed" character may be given a crucial role in the upcoming title "Assassin's Creed 2020." Ubisoft/Steam

“Assassin’s Creed: Origins” on PC received a new update on Wednesday. And while fans at first were joyful at the thought of a new patch, they soon found out that the update actually has a big problem. Apparently, the update is causing the game on quad-core CPUs to stutter.

The stuttering issue is so bad that some players thought Ubisoft downgraded the game’s performance on PC with the new update. One player with the handle stormesp took to Reddit to claim that the update caused Draw Distance and LOD (level of detail) to drop to the ground in all settings. The player also mentioned that some fans have been complaining about the game crashing a lot with the new patch.

Stormesp’s Reddit post has since received a lot of responses from players who are also giving their two cents on what could really be causing “Assassin’s Creed Origins” to underperform. However, he contradicted the assumption that bugs are to blame by maintaining his belief that Ubisoft “downgraded” the LOD and Draw Distance.

According to DSO Gaming however, Ubisoft did not, in any way, downgrade the game’s visual. Instead, the underperformance issue is said to be due to the annoying stuttering problem that’s present in the update. To prove its point, the gaming news site compared the vanilla and the latest version of the game and found out that the LOD settings were not at all altered. It even provided a comparison of screenshots to show readers that the game hasn’t really been downgraded.

“All distant objects, shadows, and effects are present in ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’ 1.05. As we’ve reported in our PC Performance Analysis, ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’ uses a really aggressive LOD system. That was the case from the very beginning and no, Ubisoft did not change anything,” the publication stated.

Stormesp has since updated his post to respond to a blog’s counterstory about his thoughts on the new update. He did not specify if the blog he is referring to is DSO Gaming, but he took a swipe at the blog’s attempt of showing a comparison of screenshots. Stormesp claims the set of photos does not prove anything for one screenshot was allegedly not taken from in-game, but from a performance test.

“To add salt to the shame I don’t even think he [the writer of the blog] specifies the settings, and that photo pre 1.05 from the performance test has AMD issues on the name,” he wrote before accusing the blog of using a screenshot from a previous article that had nothing to do with the current issue. “We don’t even know wich [sic] settings where [sic] used to take that pic to show AMD problems.”

Meanwhile, other players are also not sold on the idea that Ubisoft may have intentionally downgraded the visuals of “Assassin’s Creed: Origins.” “It makes no sense for them to do this intentionally. Make the visuals worse AND make it perform worse on purpose? No, that would be silly,” Reddit user Zandohaha wrote. “The game definitely released with better performance and better graphics before, did it not? This sounds like a mistake which will be patched soon, rather than a sketchy company move,” user Spjs opined.

Ubisoft has yet to comment on the issue. We’ll update this story when it does.