“Asura” is now available for purchase on Steam. Ogre Head Studio has also released the first patch for the game. Steam

Ogre Head Studio has finally released “Asura,” an indie hack ‘n’ slash game that’s based on Indian mythology. The developer is also rolling out the first patch for its top-down game with heavy rogue-like elements.

“Asura” has finally been released, and it is now available for purchase on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. The new game is currently discounted, so it only costs $8.99 as of this time. It supports Windows (7, 8 and 10), Mac OS X (10.9+) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04), and it is clocking in at 576 MB only.

For players who have purchased the game, the studio behind it is rolling out its first patch to fix issues that were recently discovered. The issues that the patch addresses include the boss animation problem, the non-functional “A” attack button and some localization issues. The patch also adds support for MadCatz GamePad, Logitech F510 GamePad and Xbox Bluetooth Gamepad.

Ogre Head has also said that if players wish to point out other issues they found since purchasing the game, they may do so by sending log files via their Discord server. The developer has also expressed its gratitude for the players and fans who have already shared their feedbacks prior to the release of the first patch.

“Asura” is a game inspired by the Indian mythology as mentioned earlier. The game centers on a demonic being called Asura who has been sacrificed to the Gods by the holy men. It follows Asura’s journey for vengeance and retribution. The character can be crafted by players themselves using the procedurally generated skill tree which features 82 skills all in all.

The official description of “Asura” reads: “Take on the roll of a demon incarnate and obliterate your way through the randomly generated fortress of the Daeva empire. Equip weapons from a wide variety of arsenal and carefully craft your character using the ever changing skill tree. The game can be brutal but is always fair. Can you rise from the ashes? Can you defeat the Daeva empire?”

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