A previously unannounced Chromebook from Asus was disclosed Monday by a Newegg listing that detailed the device’s specs and features.

First spotted by Chrome Unboxed, the Asus C302CA found its way into the online storefront of Newegg, a popular online retailer of computer hardware. The store listing outed the latest device from Asus as a 2-in-1: a touchscreen laptop that can be converted into a tablet.

The touchscreen will measure in at 12.5-inches and sport a 1080p display, according to the listing. Inside the machine, users will find a 2.2 GHz Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. It’s unclear if other configurations of the device will offer more RAM or storage or if the listed version will be the only available model.

Asus also is ditching legacy USB 3.0 ports in favor of USB-C, the essentially universal ports that have made their way onto just about everything — including Apple’s latest laptops. The device will also include an SD card slot for additional storage.

The listing for the Asus C302CA, which priced the convertible computer at $499, has already been removed from Newegg but it’s hard to imagine it won’t return in the not-so-distant future, especially with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just around the corner.

According to Chrome Unboxed, the C302CA has been kept under wraps by Asus since at least June. Originally identified by the codename Cave, the device was outed in a Google Group where tweaks and changes to Chrome OS — the operating system that runs on Chromebooks.

The first mention of the C302CA by its alphanumeric identifier came back in October, when the device showed up in a Federal Communications Commission filing from Asus.

Many of the specs present on the version of the C302CA that appeared on Newegg were also listed in the FCC filing, though the device mentioned to the regulatory body only offered 32GB of internal storage. This may suggest additional versions of the convertible computer may be available when it officially launches.

The C302CA was expected to be made available to purchase at the start of last month according to a listing at CentralPoint, an online retailer based in the Netherlands, that said it would be available on November 1. Asus remained silent about the device. The listing on CentralPoint now suggests the device will be available January 10, 2017.