AT&T is preparing to launch its “next-generation video platform” that will unify its video services, the company said Thursday.

The new platform will bring together its video services, whether it’s internet-connected, like DirecTV Now, satellite DirecTV or U-verse IPTV. The company hopes the unification  will allow for new and faster features for viewers.

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“We all want easy and quick access to our content, regardless of where, when or on what device we watch it,” AT&T Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher said in a statement. “By developing for a single video platform, we’ll deliver new features and platform innovations in a faster, more efficient way. And it will be simple and consistent wherever you watch—TV, phone or tablet.”

AT&T New Video Platform Features

The new platform will include a DVR cloud for DirecTV Now, which is missing from the cord-cutting plan. The upcoming service will include live channels, 4K and HD quality video, 30,000 titles on demand and a user-friendly interface. Live TV pausing and parental controls will also be included and are set to be available when the platform exits its beta stage later this year. Users will also be able to create their own profiles, download content for when they go out, and see 4K HDR quality video. Those features are expected next year, the company said.

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AT&T Video Platform Release Date

Invited DirecTV Now users will be able to experience a beta testing of the platform starting this summer. The platform will then launch to customers this fall beginning with DirecTV Now and DirecTV companion app users. Customers of other AT&T video services will be able to start using the platform in the coming years, the company said.

“AT&T has been transforming over the last several years into a software-led company in how we design and manage our network,” AT&T said.  We’re bringing that same approach to video and entertainment by incorporating principles of agile development, open systems, collaboration with developers and public beta programs to more quickly bring new and enhanced experience to customers.”

Meanwhile, another telecommunications company is stepping up its game for video content. Comcast is preparing to launch Xfinity Instant TV for cable cord-cutters later this year. The service will have packages priced between $15 to $40 per month. The plan will is expected to have a limited rollout at launch.

Xfinity Instant TV will compete with other cable-cord cutting plans out there, including DirecTV Now. DirecTV Now currently has four plans, Live a Little for $35 a month (60+ channels), Just Right for $50 a month (80+ channels), Go Big priced at $60 a month (100+ channels) and Gotta Have it for $70 a month (120+ channels).

Those plans also compete with other video services, including Hulu’s $40 live TV service and YouTube TV’s $35 platform, which were both launched earlier this year.