There is fierce competition between the leading carriers in the U.S. as each one is consistently offering newer deals to attractive customers from other networks. AT&T has announced a new scheme to attract new customers from Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Customers, who are ready to switch to AT&T, will be provided with a credit of $650.

In order to avail $650 credit, users on Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint should have a smartphone for trade-in. Customers are required to either visit a retail outlet of AT&T or access its website and purchase a new smartphone through the AT&T Next plan.

Once the device gets activated, users can port the phone number that have been using on another service provider. Next, users are required to trade-in their existing smartphone. Its minimum value should not less than $10.

Users are also required to furnish the final statement from the previous carrier. Customers will then have to wait to acquire an AT&T promotion VISA prepaid gift card. The $650 credit includes the cost of early termination and outstanding balance on the existing device.

The offer can be doubled with other promotional offers from AT&T. One of the attractive deals available with AT&T is that it's offering a free handset to the buyers of LG or Samsung smartphone. More details on this offer can be accessed from here.

The new $650 credit deal is an attractive offer for DirectTV users, who have registered for non-AT&T mobile service. Such customers can not only receive $650 credit but also take advantage of special unlimited data plan from AT&T, BGR reported.

AT&T is not the only service provider in the U.S. that is offering credits to switch to its network. In December, Verizon had also launched a similar plan that also provided an incentive of $650.

Sprint is running “Cut your Bill in Half” offer for new customers, who migrate from other U.S carriers. In the recent past, T-Mobile managed to gain huge number of new customers from other networks by offering a credit of $650 per line.