Not to be outdone by other carriers, AT&T is dropping the prices of its data plans and throwing in voice calls to Canada and Mexico. So now its customers can get more data while saving some cash on the side as well.

The biggest change comes to its 10GB tier which now becomes 15GB for $100 a month. Additionally customers on the 15GB plan or more expensive plans get unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. Unlimited texting to Mexico is included in all other mobile share plans. While there are some savings to be had with AT&T’s plans, on the flipside it’s cutting down the data options for its lower priced tiers.

Gone are the options for spending $25 on 1GB, $40 for 3GB and $70 for 6GB. All that remains is the base 300MB plan for $20, 2GB for $30 and 5GB for $50. So if you’re a data hungry user, chances are you’ll be opting for the higher plans. Though the prices may be cheaper for some tiers, low data plan customers will have to shell out more upfront for line access -- $25 a month per line for AT&T Next customers  -- compared to the higher plans, which only have a $15 a month line access charge. All plans also include rollover data so customers can use their leftover data the following month.

Here’s a breakdown of their new plans:

Accounting for the access charge, AT&T’s changes bring its plans nearly on par with T-Mobile. For instance AT&T 5GB plan with line charge comes out to $75 compared to $70 with T-Mobile. But on the other hand T-Mobile continues to offer an $80 a month unlimited plan, while AT&T no longer offers unlimited data, except to grandfathered data customers.