“Attack the Light – Steven Universe” is currently free on the iPhone and iPad for a seemingly limited time. Released by Cartoon Network games, the mobile title was well received when it was originally released and now, fans of the show or roleplaying games (RPG) in general can enjoy it without paying a dime.

Based on the “Steven Universe” cartoon from Cartoon Network, players control Steven and his Gem guardians Garnett, Amethyst and Pearl. The game is more of a light RPG than an actual one, as the game is more stage-based and there are no towns to explore.

The game does have a combat system that was praised, since it was similar to the one seen in the “Paper Mario” games from Nintendo. Battles are turn-based, but if the player taps the screen when a star appears they will either increase the attack power of the gems or take away most of the damage done by an opponent.

“Attack the Light” is a battle-heavy game, but that’s not a bad thing thanks to the combat system. Touch Arcade gave the game a full five stars, stating that fans of the show would love it, while those not familiar with the animated series would still enjoy the game as a light RPG.

As for the story, it’s pretty simple and would fit well as one of the show’s episodes. Steven plays with an artifact that the Gems bring home, but it just so happens to host an evil spirit. Naturally it’s up to Steven and the Gems to stop it from destroying the world.

Fans of the show will appreciate the numerous callbacks to the series. Steven brings a cheeseburger backpack with him and the Gems all have their signature weapons to fight with. If there’s one disappointment to be had it seems like the developers weren’t able to get the voice actor of Steven.

Pocket Gamer also listed the title as one of the better deals out right now, especially since it’s free of charge. The game normally costs $2.99, so the fact that it’s free means it’s practically a steal.

“Attack the Light – Steven Universe” was developed by Grumpyface Studios and is free for iOS only. Those with an Android device still have to pay $2.99, though it does seem to be worth it.

Attack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG - Trailer (Credit: YouTube/App Preview)