• Sebastian Stan shares how he improvises for his roles
  • Stan said he is not as witty on his own, so he is intimidated by improvisation
  • Stan credits success to "Avengers" franchise

Sebastian Stan has opened up about how he improvises for his role.

The “Avengers” star recently dished on the various roles he has played, from “Falcon and The Winter Soldier” to “Endings, Beginnings.” Stan confessed that he wasn’t good with improvisation.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stan was asked how he makes sure that he is improvising as the character and not as himself in front of the cameras. “That’s the problem,” Stan, 37, told THR. “I don’t know. Even though we’re improvising as honestly as possible, we’re still kind of doing it with a direction from the outline. I think that is what gives it an element that’s still affected rather than me just going up there and saying how I feel.”

When asked if he has any history with improvisation before filming “Endings, Beginnings” with director Drake Doremus, Stan gave a negative response. He also admitted that he was intimidated by it and didn’t have an audition movie, but he had three-hour session with Doremus.

He recalled them talking about various topics and felt that the director was just curious to see how honest their conversations could go. Stan wasn’t afraid but confessed that it was scary at the beginning. “It’s that question you asked, where you go, ‘Well, this isn't really who I am. I don’t do these things that this character does,’” Stan continued.

“I’ve always felt protected by scripts, lines and scenes. I feel like I’m one of those people who’s opened up much more by scripts. I’m not as witty on my own. This was one of those different experiences, and I would certainly do it again. I’d be curious to see if I could ever use parts of it in a bigger movie,” he confessed.

Stan then realized that bigger movies also use improvisation because they do the scenes a couple of times until they get what’s written on the script and suggest to do it their way.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Variety, the “Gossip Girl” alum attributed his experience as an actor to “Avengers.” The “Winter Soldier” star recalled that he joined the franchise in 2010 and felt that he grew up with it as a person. He also felt that the character grew up with him.

“I do not think any of those movies (non-Marvel movies) would have been possible without it. I would not be here without it,” Stan said.

Sebastian Stan Avengers
Sebastian Stan is pictured at an “Avengers: Infinity War” event on April 8, 2018 in London. Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images