• A 2-month-old baby was allegedly left alone on a park bench for two hours 
  • The child's mother said it was because the babysitter, her sister-in-law, had been distracted by her pet dog
  • The mother refused to attend her sister-in-law's wedding following the incident

A 2-month-old baby in Australia was left alone and unattended on a park bench for two hours after her babysitter got distracted by her dog, the child's mother claimed.

The unnamed mother said her sister-in-law had offered to take care of her daughter while she and her husband went to work, reported, citing the woman's post on online discussion website Reddit.

"Me and my [sister-in-law] have always been close... she was always really nice to me and we bonded over the fact that my parents don't like either of us," user Amelia_6661 wrote Tuesday in a subreddit primarily focused on sharing stories involving conflicts.

"[I] got called into work and my [sister-in-law] said that I shouldn’t waste money on a babysitter when I could just let them take her for a bit (my husband was also at work,)" the mother stated in the post, entitled "AITA for refusing to attend my brother’s wedding after my SIL left my 2 month old on a park bench."

The sister-in-law allegedly decided to take her dog out for a walk while caring for Amelia_6661's baby, and ended up chasing after her pet animal when the leash slipped out of her hand. But before doing so, she decided to put the child — who was on a carrier — on a nearby bench.

"[S]he didn’t catch even the dog, and it wasn’t until 2 hours later that she even realized that she was missing," Amelia_6661 wrote.

"I was livid, but I was so thankful no one kidnapped her. My husband was so mad he stormed down to their house just to yell at her," she added.

Amelia_6661 refused to attend her sister-in-law's wedding following the incident.

"[S]he called me, sobbing saying that I’m a petty b---h and she wishes someone [should have] kidnapped my daughter," according to Amelia_6661.

"[I] hung up on her and she apologized and said she needs me there. My friends and family have called me saying I’m petty and that she was stressed and if was an accident."

Many reddit users pointed out how Amelia_6661 was not in the wrong, but some also tried to defend her sister-in-law.

"This is nuts. [The sister-in-law] 'wishes someone had kidnapped your daughter?' Never talk to this woman again," one person commented on Amelia_6661's post, which has received close to 29,000 upvotes as of press time.

"People make mistakes. She didn't lie to you about the situation, she told you exactly what happened and was remorseful and apologized," another user stated.

Representation. The 2-month-old child was allegedly left on a park bench alone for two hours because her babysitter had been distracted by a dog. Pixabay