(Photo credit: ABC via Facebook)

It's almost time for The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik to dole out the final rose, but fans are already wondering whether the couple has stayed together. The rumor mill is churning thanks to photos posted by Us Weekly that show Flajnik being chummy with someone other than the final two contestants, Courtney and Lindzi.

Maybe he pulls a Mesnick...you never know...LOL, one woman wrote on the show's Facebook page, referring to former Bachelor star Jason Mesnick, who dumped the final rose recipient in favor of the runner-up (they later married).

We already know what happened, another woman wrote on the Facebook page. It was obvious on the last show. He looked completely miserable and alone.

Regardless, the season finale will go on, and photos of the final episode posted by ABC show Flajnik holding what appears to be an engagement ring.

Photos also show both women opting for a very formal look for their last meeting with him. Courtney will wear a long, black dress with elbow-length black gloves. Lindzi will wear a long, strapless dress with a slightly poofy skirt and ruffles.

Fans will get to see Flajnik's mother give both women a good, hard look. Let's see what kind of impression Courtney and Lindzi leave -- and who, if anyone, gets her maternal stamp of approval. 

Ashley Hebert, the former star of The Bachelorette who sent Flajnik packing during her season, said his family surprised her. She admitted to being intimidated by his mother.

In my mind, I thought they were going to be loud, outgoing, and somewhat goofy like Ben, Hebert wrote of Flajnik's family for People. I was so surprised to see that they were quite the opposite. They were sophisticated and conservative. His mother reminded me of Coco Chanel!

The season finale of The Bachelor airs on Monday at 8 p.m. EST.