“The Bachelorette” came to an end on Monday, Aug. 5 with part two of the season finale, providing Desiree Hartsock with the fairytale ending that she had hoped for – an engagement to the man of her dreams … Chris! But what do Bachelor Nation fans do now? Freak out over the announcement of the new “Bachelor!” Venezuelan soccer stud Juan Pablo will be dating 25 lucky ladies when “The Bachelor” premieres on ABC on January 6.

The bad news is the long wait for the return of “The Bachelor.” The good news is that “the search is on for eligible women!” So, how can you apply for a chance to fight for Juan Pablo’s heart on the new season of “The Bachelor? It’s pretty simple.

There are two ways you can apply for “The Bachelor” (or “The Bachelorette”) – a mail in application or an online application. For the mail in application you will have to fill out a six page long questionnaire. Casting directors for the show are looking to know about past relationships, your ideal mate, your hobbies or interests, and why you want to find your potential spouse on the ABC TV show. But while those questions may seem fun to fill out, the application also has a dark side. Questions about arrests, involvement with crime and temporary restraining orders (whether they be issued by you or against you) must be answered as well. (The online application asks similar questions and asks for a photo.)

“Bachelor” producers are also looking to see if you have personality. A video is not mandatory, but is suggested to help catch the eye of the casting team. If you decide to make a video it should be between five and 10 minutes in length on a DVD, Mini DVD or Mini DV. With the help of a friend, you should use the time on the video to “let your personality shine through” with funny anecdotes, describing your “ultimate fantasy date” or what your hometown date would be like, or even showing off a special talent.  

Think that you know someone who would be perfect for Juan Pablo? You can also use the same forms (mail in or online) to nominate a friend or family member.

Eligible applicants for “The Bachelor” must be at least 21-years-old, single, never been convicted of a felony, a United States citizen or resident alien living in the United States and have a valid passport.

“The Bachelor” will premiere on ABC on January 6. Are you interested in Juan Pablo? Are you going to apply for “The Bachelor?” Let us know in the comments section!