“Bachelorette” fans are still crying tears of joy after Desiree’s engagement to …



This season “The Bachelorette” has been jam-packed with drama, and the two-part season finale definitely had viewers on the edge of their seats the entire time. The explosive, heart-wrenching and tearful final episode resulted in Desiree dumping Drew, Brooks not returning, and Des finally realizing that she has a strong connection with Chris.

And while “The Bachelorette” may be over with Desiree getting her happy ending, fans still get one last bite with the “After The Rose” special. Sitting down live with host Chris Harrison, Des must face her two final ex-boyfriends --- Drew and Brooks.


There was no denying that Brooks hurt Desiree during part one of the season finale – but Desiree insisted to Chris Harrison that she wasn’t nervous about seeing him again. The first time they see each other after the Antigua breakup, Des and Brooks immediately hug it out – and Brooks admits that he’s the one that’s nervous!

“A lot of feelings resurfaced,” Brooks said of watching the episodes of “The Bachelorette.” As he reveals that it was tough to watch the whole experience and how he struggled with his decision, Desiree asks him what happened between the hometown visits and Antigua.

“I wanted it to work out so badly that I overlooked things,” he explained. “The head was ahead of the heart.” But while Harrison asks if Brooks ever felt like he led the bachelorette on, Brooks insists that he was honest all the way.

A polite and seemingly easy conversation at first, the chat between Brooks and Desiree takes a turn for awkward when it’s revealed that Brooks never watched the ending of the show. “After you left it was actually really good,” Des said, laughing.

“It was actually a good thing because I was able to dig deep into the other relationships.”

She drops the bomb that she’s now engaged to Chris, and Brooks answers: “Oh yeah? Congratulations!”

Brooks continued that he’s not surprised by Desiree’s engagement to Chris, explaining that he saw how she looked at Chris during group dates and rose ceremonies.


Much as Brooks did to Des, Des turned the tables on Drew in part tow of the season finale. Seeing Des for the first time since their breakup, Drew admits that he’s feeling a flood of emotions. “It really brings everything right back,” he explains.

Opening up about his life after Desiree, Drew reveals that he’s still in the recovery process after the shock of being dumped. “I hadn’t seen any precursory that would lead to heartbreak or explain that … other than her reaction at the rose ceremony,” Drew said of getting dumped. “Her greeting to Chris was a little warmer than mine.”

But despite the breakup, Drew is not angry with Desiree and has no regrets. “You’re an amazing woman and Chris is a lucky guy,” he tells her.

“You’re so deserving of love,” Desiree counters, but Drew still wants to know if there was something he could have done. But Desiree insists he couldn’t have done anything, it was just something she felt in her heart.


Desiree was finally reunited with her fiancé, Chris, after the talks with her exes. Having to stay in hiding since the show wrapped filming, the pair had their first public appearance on the “After The Rose” special.

The two reminisced about their “first connections” and even re-watched the tear-jerking proposal. So, what’s new with the happy couple since the show ended? Desiree is moving to Seattle … this weekend! “We have our own place,” they dished. Their new home will be a fresh start for both of them. Chris also told the audience that his family is so excited about Desiree and have “welcomed her with open arms.”

Desiree’s fiancé spent the whole season treating her to tender moments, and he had one final gesture for her during the “After The Rose” special. Chris framed dried rose petals from all 12 of the rose ceremonies around his final poem – “My Girl.”

“I found the woman of my dreams,” he told “The Bachelorette” universe.

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