Andi decided to leave after an emotional fantasy suite date in episode 9. ABC

Things on “The Bachelor” got INTENSE in episode 9. With only three girls remaining in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart -- Clare, Andi and Nikki -- the show heated up with fantasy suites in St. Lucia. And while Juan Pablo told the cameras that he had a great time overnight with all the women, Andi sang a much different tune in the morning.

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Andi got a chance to say what she wanted to Juan Pablo and the world during episode 9, and the Bachelor took to his People magazine blog to speak his piece about the breakup.

“The only thing I can say is that I take this process way more seriously than anyone on the other side,” Juan Pablo wrote. “Andi had a hard time adjusting to this experience because she wasn’t in control, and I understood how she felt.” But what Juan Pablo didn’t appreciate was Andi “putting words in his mouth.”

“Bachelor” fans will remember that Andi confronted him about a handful of things, but her main source of frustration was that Juan Pablo allegedly told her that she was there in St. Lucia “by default.” Since the cameras don’t follow the couple into the fantasy suite for the overnight date, fans can’t know what exactly was said. “I don’t know that word much,” he said of the word “default.” “It’s not in my vocabulary. Instead Juan Pablo said he was more likely to use the phrase “you barely made it here.”

“She put words in my mouth by saying that I used the word ‘default,’” Juan Pablo wrote in his blog. “It was because of her comments in Atlanta about wanting badly to fall in love that I almost decided to bring Renee instead of her, but I followed my heart and feelings instead.”

As for Andi claiming that Juan Pablo didn’t know anything about her? During the episode, the bachelorette claimed that Juan Pablo didn’t listen or ask her questions about her life. He refuted the claim, and tried to turn it around on Andi by asking her, “What’s my religion?” Andi immediately answered “Catholic,” and Juan Pablo was left speechless.

“I have to say that I know her as much as she knew me,” he continued in his People blog. “In this process, people get to know each other in only the short amount of time we have together. Does it really matter what her religion is? What color she likes? If religion was very important to one of the girls, I believe she would have told me. In Andi’s case, she didn’t, so I guess it was not that important to her.”

In episode 9 Juan Pablo told the cameras that he respected Andi’s honesty, and that he would have been crushed if Andi had just said that it wasn’t working for her. However, the argument with her “killed it” for him and left him disappointed.

“Bachelor” fans were left scratching their heads, some believing that the argument actually stemmed from them having sex on their overnight date. However, host Chris Harrison made sure to clear up the assumptions in an interview with TV Guide.

“My impression is that it wasn’t anywhere close to that,” he revealed. “You’ll clearly see in the show and at ‘Women Tell All’ it was never my thought that, ‘Oh, he slept with her. He used her and it went badly.’ I don’t think it ever got close to that.”

According to Harrison, Andi was just frustrated. “If you go into this and are really falling in love like she was, you want someone to start caring about you and asking about you and taking an interest in you,” he explained. “That night was just spent, in her opinion, name-dropping and talking about Juan Pablo.”

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