The first rose ceremony and Juan Pablo’s journey to find love will continue during the Monday, Jan. 13 episode of “The Bachelor.” And the drama isn’t letting up! With 18 ladies remaining, the 32-year-old single dad is heading for quite a few romantic dates in Episode 2.

So, what’s in store for “Bachelor” viewers? We’re breaking down what to expect in the all-new episode.

One-On-One Dates

Bachelor Clare (LEFT) and Kat (RIGHT) will be the two lucky ladies to get one-on-one dates with Juan Pablo in episode 2 of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

With 18 girls in the house, not all of them are going to be lucky enough to get a one-on-one date with their dream leading man. However two of the bachelorettes will get that quality time -- Clare and Kat!

For Juan Pablo’s first one-on-one date, the bachelor blindfolds Clare (the contestant who showed up “pregnant” during the premiere) and drives her to a “secret location.” That “secret location” just happens to be a “snow-covered fantasy” … in the middle of Los Angeles! Between sledding, building snowmen and ice skating, Clare opened up to Juan Pablo about her father’s death and how it has impacted her love life. And while Lauren H’s heart-to-heart in Episode 1 may have scared off Juan Pablo, his time with Clare leads to a passionate kiss as they’re serenaded by singer Josh Krajcik in a private concert.  

Juan Pablo decides to take a different route for his second one-on-one date and whisks Kat away on a private jet. Kat’s surprised when the bachelor changes into a glow-in-the dark athletic outfit and gifts her with her own … for an “Electric Run” 5K in Salt Lake City. But will Kat be able to make it the finish line?

Both Clare and Kat will find their time in the mansion at risk when Juan Pablo must decide whether or not to offer them a rose at the end of their one-on-one dates.

House Drama

Bachelor Lucy will show off her "free-spirit" side when she goes topless in episode 2 of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Juan Pablo may be out of the house on his dates, but that doesn’t mean that all is quiet at the mansion. “Bachelor” viewers will get to see some house drama thanks to Lucy! In the season premiere the 24-year-old decided to go barefoot, but during episode 2 she’s going topless. Jumping in the hot tub at the mansion without a top on, some of Lucy’s new roommates are not happy with her risqué behavior -- and it’s possible that Juan Pablo might not be okay with it, either.

Group Date

The first group date heats up pretty fast when Juan Pablo takes 13 of the women to a photo shoot for the “Best Friends Animal Society” organization. The girls are set to take a photo with a dog and Juan Pablo … however, two of the contestants “go into an emotional tailspin” when revealing costumes for the shoot are unveiled. Will the two women decide to go through with the photo shoot? And will free-spirited Lucy decide to go “au natural” to help out one of her fellow bachelorettes?

Whatever may happen during the group date, the ladies have time to unwind with Juan Pablo during the after-party. However, one bachelorette ruins things for everyone when she “has a meltdown over not getting one-on-one time” with America’s bachelor.

Rose Ceremony

Bachelor Will Cassandra make it to episode 3 of "The Bachelor"? Photo: ABC

Episode 2 will find three of the contestants heading home -- but not before the cocktail party. With 18 women in the house, tensions become high when some begin to doubt their choice to stay. The pressure will lead single mom Cassandra to tears about the decision to leave her son with no guarantee of finding love. Will she be one of the 15 bachelorette’s remaining? Or will fear send her home.

Watch the drama of “The Bachelor” unfold when Episode 2 airs on ABC on Monday, Jan. 13, at 8 p.m. Who do you want to go home? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.