Juan Pablo continued his journey to find love on Monday in episode 3 of “The Bachelor.” And things are heating up fast! With 15 women remaining, the 32-year-old single dad continued with three more dates … and two more suitors on the chopping block.

First One-On-One Date

The first lucky contestant to land a one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in episode 3 is 21-year-old former NBA dancer Cassandra. Juan Pablo whisked the single mom away for a drive by the ocean, but their afternoon in the sun took a surprising turn when the bachelor decided to drive off the road and into the water.

The pair cruises around the water until Juan Pablo decides to show Cassandra the next part of their date – a yacht! The bachelor and his date get a little wet (and steamy with some kisses) before they head inland for a romantic homemade dinner at Juan Pablo’s house.

It’s at Juan Pablo’s that Cassandra really starts to open up about her life, and the fact that she hasn’t been on a first date in about three years. The pair salsa dance and look at photos of their children while opening up about the struggles of being a single parent. Initially doubting her time at the mansion and thinking she was going to get sent home, Cassandra has her doubts cast aside when Juan Pablo offers up a rose to her.

“She’s beautiful, funny, and she dances,” the bachelor says of his date. “And I want to get to know her more.”

Group Date

The ladies (except Clare, Elise, Chelsie and Cassandra) head to the L.A. Galaxy stadium for their group date with Juan Pablo. Suited up in cleats, the bachelor shows them some moves before splitting them up into teams for an intense and very competitive match.

“I don’t expect you to be the best soccer players in the world,” he tells the contestants. “I just want you to have a good time.”

And it appears as if all the women did have a good time … except for maybe Sharleen, who got her butt kicked on the field.


After jumping in on the game himself, Juan Pablo and the ladies cleaned up for a cocktail party on the field. Dressed to impress, they buckled down to get one-on-one time with the bachelor in an attempt to win the group date rose.

Nikki used her time to talk about her fear of getting hurt. But Juan Pablo reassured the pediatric nurse that she has something that he likes. “I like your vibe,” he tells her. “You’re sexy.”

Andi on the other hand decided to heat up her relationship, telling the bachelor that today got serious for her and that at the end of the day she really wants love. He seemed to feel the same way, because he pulled her into the concession stand kitchen to lock lips with her.

Sharleen, on the other hand, expressed her nerves over being in a house with so many rivals and fighting for Juan Pablo’s heart. The bachelor consoled her, expressing how he loves that she has “class” and swooped in for a kiss. But that kiss wasn’t enough for Sharleen … because she pulled him in for another! Unfortunately for the opera singer, she had the other women watching her smooch fest, and boy were they jealous.

“Today I feel the beginning of something that could be powerful,” Sharleen explained to the cameras. “I’d be pretty surprised if I didn’t get the rose.”

And Sharleen was indeed surprised, because the rose went to Nikki.

“Are you serious?” Sharleen told the cameras when she found out. “I don’t have that much confidence in where I stand.”

Andi echoed Sharleen’s words, revealing to the cameras that she’s worried that she wasn’t good enough or that he wasn’t “feeling it.”

Second One-On-One Date

Juan Pablo’s second one-on-one date of the episode didn’t come without drama. Chelsie and Elise were both up for the one-on-one, but only one girl’s name would be on the date card – and it was Chelsie! And while the 24-yea-old science teacher was ecstatic about the opportunity, Elise was pretty livid and … and acting a little catty.

“I just don’t know if she’s ready to be a stepmom,” Chelsie explained to anyone who would listen to her. “She just seems like a baby to me. I don’t think another daughter is what he wants.”

Chelsie’s date with Juan Pablo started off with a trip to a Venezuelan restaurant, where she got to try some of the bachelor’s favorite dishes. They were having a fantastic and romantic time, but Chelsie’s world was turned upside down when Juan Pablo revealed that they’d be tandem bungee jumping off a bridge. While it seems like a perfect way to find trust in their relationship, Chelsie’s fear of heights completely overpowers her and leads her to BUG OUT.

Starting to cry, Chelsie tells Juan Pablo that she’s not sure if she could do it. And Juan Pablo understands completely. “If you’re not having a good time we don’t have to jump,” he tells her. But his sweet words lead her to realize that she could trust him.

“The fact that I was his number one priority really let me know that I could trust him,” Chelsie explains to the cameras.

Finally taking the leap together, Juan Pablo leads his date to a romantic candlelight dinner, where they continue to get to know each other. Telling her that he appreciates her courage and that she trusts him, the bachelor awards her with a rose – and Chelsie accepts!

But their date is not over yet. “I want to get to know you more, and more and more,” he continues before whisking her away to watch country singer Billy Currington perform.

Pool Party

Juan Pablo surprises the girls the morning of the rose ceremony by sneaking into the mansion to cook them a Venezuelan breakfast. And while most would consider his move a nice gesture, a couple of the girls are not happy that the bachelor will be seeing them fresh out of bed.

“My grandma always said, ‘you never let a man see you without your face on,’” Kelly tells the cameras. But that’s Juan Pablo’s whole ploy; the bachelor wants to see what the women are like when they aren’t all dolled up.

Canceling the cocktail party, Juan Pablo decides to throw an all-day pool party for the contestants. Unfortunately, all the girls can do is think about the rose ceremony that night, and it causes the claws to come out.

It’s every woman for herself, Kat tells the cameras. And the blonde beauty takes advantage of the pool party situation to mount Juan Pablo’s shoulders for a game of chicken. But not all the girls liked Kat’s attitude.

“Juan Pablo’s head was in her crotch for 20 minutes,” Kelly sassily tells the cameras. “You have to be a little more considerate that there are 14 other girls and you look like a whore.”

Sharleen feels the same way as Kelly, dishing that she’s “surprised how people transform when there is a camera around.” But in a surprising move, she uses her alone time to cry into Juan Pablo’s shoulders and pull him in for some last-minute kissing.

The rest of the girls watch as Sharleen busts some moves on Juan Pablo and they are NOT happy. Clare’s so upset by Sharleen’s actions that she flees the party, heading upstairs to her room to cry.

Week 3 Rose Ceremony

Cassandra, Nikki and Chelsie are in possession of roses and are safe for week three – which means 12 women remain, with two at risk of getting sent home. Andi is given the first rose, followed by Renee, Kelly, Sharleen, Elise, Kat, Allison, Clare, Lauren and Danielle. With no roses remaining, Lucy and Christy were sent packing.

“Goodbye is hard,” Lucy tells the cameras. “I hoped that it would work for me.”

Only 13 women remain in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart. Are you surprised at who got sent home in episode 3 of “The Bachelor”? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.