Holy “Bachelor” drama! Fans of the ABC dating show are only two weeks in but are just DYING to find out who Juan Pablo rides off with into the sunset. Unfortunately nine episodes remain in season 18 until the big reveal … but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait until then to discover which lucky lady won his heart.

WARNING: Do NOT continue reading unless you want to find out who reportedly won season 18 of “The Bachelor.”

Reality Steve, the all-knowing reality-TV blogger, revealed on his site the alleged winner of the final Rose Ceremony in the season finale … and according to him it’s none other than 26-year-old pediatrician nurse, Nikki.

If Reality Steve is right, then fans can rejoice because Nikki truly seems to care for the 32-year-old single dad. BUT there's a catch. The TV blogger claims that Juan Pablo didn't propose to the blonde beauty. Instead, the season will allegedly conclude with him “choosing” to be with her.

While viewers won’t know for sure until the finale, this wouldn’t be the first time that “The Bachelor” ended without an engagement. Fans will remember that in 2007 Brad Womack didn’t propose to one of the bachelorettes … in fact he walked away from his final two women. Brad did end up returning in 2011, promising that he was a changed man and not the commitment-phobe that viewers believed him to be. He ended up proposing to Emily Maynard in the season 15 finale, but the pair called off their engagement in October 2012. Emily recently became engaged to boyfriend Tyler Johnson after her own stint on “The Bachelorette,” where she accepted a proposal from winner Jef Holm.

“Bachelor” fans who are upset about this Juan Pablo/ Nikki news should keep in mind that while Reality Steve does get a lot of his spoilers correct, he also did botch the finale of Desiree Hartsock’s “Bachelorette” season. Over the summer, Reality Steve claimed that Brooks would walk away the winner of Desiree’s heart, but in the July 29 episode, Brooks ended up breaking up with Desiree before the Rose Ceremony. Instead she became engaged to Chris Siegfried, and the two are happily living together in Seattle and planning their wedding.

Reality Steve knows he has his doubters, and the TV blogger made sure to address that, telling his readers that: “Yes, I’m aware I had the wrong ending last season. So if you already think that this ending is wrong, there’s nothing I can say or do to convince you otherwise. It is what it is.”

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