Will Ben keep Olivia? Or will he send her packing? That's been the question on the minds of "The Bachelor" fans ever since episode 5 of the ABC reality series left off with a "to be continued" screen. Fortunately, the answer was revealed in the first few moments of episode 6.

Episode 6 picks up with Ben pulling Olivia aside before the week 5 rose ceremony in Mexico City.

He explains that he’s confused about what’s being said about her and wants to hear her side of things. Olivia doesn’t say anything about the “Teen Mom” comment she said to Amanda. Instead, she kind of places the blame on Ben. According to Olivia, she’s had a target on her back ever since he handed her the first impression rose on night one. And that’s not all. She adds that the reason why she doesn’t get along with the other girls is because while they like doing things like painting their nails and “doing each other’s hair,” she’s in her room reading books and thinking.

“I want to talk smart things,” she continues, starting with the water works.

That’s apparently all Ben wants to hear, because he brings her back to the other women – and doesn’t revoke her group date rose. But it doesn’t appear as if Olivia learned a lesson from the situation.

“Come at me, bro,” she tells the cameras, referring to the other “jealous” ladies.

With the Olivia problem solved for now, Ben begins the rose ceremony. Olivia, Amanda and Lauren H already secured roses, so they’re safe. However, one girl has to get sent home. Ben hands the first rose to Caila, followed by Lauren B, JoJo, Becca and Leah. Only one rose is left and Jennifer and Emily are the only two girls remaining. So, who does Ben choose? He hands his final rose to Emily, eliminating Jennifer from Season 20.

It was an emotional day, but the 10 remaining contestants are excited … because they’re heading to the Bahamas!

One-On-One Date

Everyone agrees that the Bahamas is the most romantic location that they’ve been to so far. And everyone agrees that they want the only one-on-one date of the week! Unfortunately only one woman can spend that alone time with Ben, and it’s Caila who gets the date card. Yes, Caila, the same contestant who had a one-on-one date with Ben in episode 2.

Caila’s ecstatic about the opportunity to share the day with Ben, but Leah’s completely crushed. She has yet to go on a one-on-one date and doesn’t understand why she’s still there if Ben doesn’t want to get to know her.

“Now I’m questioning everything,” she tells the cameras.

But Ben has a reason for taking Caila out on a second one-on-one date. He has “unfinished business” with her because their first date was with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Ben takes Caila deep sea fishing to get to know her better. Meanwhile, Leah’s sobbing in bathroom back at the hotel. She doesn’t want to put herself through a two-on-one date if Ben’s not interested in getting to know her.

“I look like a fool,” she cries. “I look like a total fool for putting myself through this.”

Things aren’t going any better for Ben on his date with Caila. While he appreciates her smile and overall bubbliness, he wants to get below the surface with her. Caila, on the other hand, is not interested in getting vulnerable with Ben just yet. She admits that she “feels like” she loves him, however, she’s still not ready to share her deepest, darkest secrets. This troubles Ben and makes him confused about where they stand. Her comment about being afraid of breaking his heart does nothing to help that confusion.

Ben flat out asks her if she thinks he’s the right person for her and if she’s ready to find somebody. And surprisingly, Caila says that she thinks so. Although a confusing night, Caila accepts his rose and the two move forward with their relationship.


Lauren B, Becca, Amanda, JoJo, Lauren H and Leah land the episode 6 group date. That means Olivia and Emily are heading out on a two-on-one later in the episode.

But Olivia’s not nervous. She thinks that Emily is “like a bird.”

The ladies and Ben enjoy some “unpredictability” out at sea. Everyone’s afraid that they’re going to run into sharks while out in the water, however, Ben has something else planned — swimming with pigs!

With chicken hot dogs in hand, the women feed the pigs. Hilarity ensues when some of the animals become a little aggressive and start chasing them for food. But that’s where the fun ends. Everyone is on edge around Ben.

Leah is still upset that Ben didn’t take her out on a one-on-one date. Ben tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t make a strong attempt to connect. Instead, she starts to cry about being a “group date groupie.”

“I’m human, you know,” she tells him, adding that she’s one of the few girls who is “genuinely ready” for what comes next.

Ben understands where she’s coming from, and encourages her to make the most of the day and to stop focusing on the one-on-one date. However, he also realizes that he has to talk individually with everyone to clear up the awkwardness.

That night, Ben pulls each woman aside. Becca uses her time to confess that it’s “hard to feel secure” when he’s paying so much attention to other women. Ben appreciates her confession, but promises her that things are still progressing between them. He has a similar conversation with Amanda. Things don’t go as well with Leah, though.

Leah’s been desperate to get some alone time with Ben so that he could get to know her better. Once she gets that time, she doesn’t use it to progress her relationship with him. Leah immediately brings up other women in the house who are “not being so real with him.” Although she says that she doesn’t like drama or want to say names, she does tell him that the person he has the strongest connection with is different when she’s with him. Of course, Ben knows that she’s talking about Lauren B, and that makes him doubt his strong connection with her.

The situation gets super awkward when Lauren B interrupts. Leah leaves, and Ben confronts Lauren B about the comments that were said. Lauren B is completely confused and doesn’t know what to say. Ben’s equally confused and nothing gets resolved. Instead, Ben continues with his one-on-one time and Lauren B returns to the other girls to cry.

Lauren B explains what happened to Becca, Amanda and Lauren H before Leah enters the room. Leah pretends like she doesn’t know why Lauren B is crying and tells her that she never said anything to Ben and that she’s not the “type of person to single somebody out.”

Leah was hoping to land the group date rose after her conversation, but Ben decides to give it to Amanda instead. Leah’s not giving up though. She tells the camera that she’s going to have to do something “extreme” tonight.

Back at the hotel, Amanda and Emily discuss the situation with Lauren B. All three women believe that Leah lied to Ben because she’s desperate and jealous of Lauren B’s connection.

Meanwhile, Leah sneaks out of the hotel to go see Ben. However, just like earlier in the night, Leah doesn’t use her time to cement her connection with Ben. Once inside his hotel room, Leah rips into Lauren B again. She tells Ben how Lauren B doesn’t seem “genuine” and that she acts “catty.” The conversation definitely gets to Ben, but not the way that Leah was hoping. He explains that something doesn’t feel right between them and that he thinks it’s best if they say goodbye.

“I literally did not see that coming,” Leah confesses to the cameras after Ben walks her out.

Two-On-One Date

The pressure is on! The night after sending Leah home, Ben has to head out on a two-on-one date with Olivia and Emily. He knows it’s going to be awkward, but he’s excited to figure out what Olivia’s deal is and get to know Emily without her twin.

He speaks individually with both women, and Olivia uses her time to tell him something important.

“I’m in love with you,” she says.

Emily doesn’t say those three little words, but she does explain how happy she is to be with him on this journey and that she wants him right there alongside her.

After talking with both women, he grabs the rose to reveal his decision. Only one can get it, and the other one will go home. With the rose in his hand, Ben pulls aside Olivia. Emily is immediately upset, and Olivia is confident that she’s moving forward. But in a surprising twist, Ben tells her that he can’t reciprocate her feelings.

“I can’t give you this rose,” he says. “I’m going to have to say goodbye. Sorry.”

Emily has a big smile on her face when Ben walks back and tells her that he doesn’t want to “stop this journey” with her. She accepts the rose and leaves with Ben while Olivia stands alone on the shore.

The Rose Ceremony

The ladies are ready for the cocktail party and to score some extra time with Ben before the rose ceremony. Unfortunately for them, “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison is the bearer of bad news — Ben has canceled the cocktail party.

The girls head straight into the rose ceremony with Caila, Amanda and Emily the only contestants secure with a rose. Ben only has three roses to hand out and there are four women – JoJo, Lauren B, Lauren H and Becca.

He hands his first rose to Becca and his second to JoJo. That leaves Lauren H and Lauren B. He has a strong connection with both women, but only one can move forward. In the most surprising rose ceremony of the season, he gives the rose to Lauren B and sends Lauren H home.