What will happen to Olivia? Episode 5 of “The Bachelor” may have ended on a cliffhanger, but Monday’s installment of the ABC reality show will reveal all.

For those who missed last week’s drama in Mexico City, Olivia finally pushed the other contestants over the edge with her “Teen Mom” comment to 25-year-old single mother Amanda. After multiple women told Ben about Olivia’s bullying and bad behavior, Ben pulled the Season 20 front-runner aside right before the rose ceremony. The episode ended with the remaining nine contestants speculating that Ben would take back Olivia’s group date rose and send her packing.

No “Bachelor” star has ever taken back a rose from a contestant before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in episode 6. As Becca pointed out last week, Ben isn’t following any of the rules.

The synopsis for episode 6 doesn’t reveal Ben’s decision regarding Olivia. However, it does confirm that Ben’s journey to find love will continue moving … to the Bahamas! That’s right, the ladies are packing their bags and leaving Mexico City after Olivia’s fate is sealed.

Things will certainly get steamy once the group reaches the “tropical, romantic Bahamas.” But not everyone will be in paradise. The episode description teases that Ben will get confused about one bachelorette during the one-on-one date. This mysterious bachelorette will keep herself closed off to Ben, leaving him to question if they truly have a future together. The remaining dates won’t go smoothly either. “Unexpected guests” will crash Ben’s group date on a deserted island, and “The Bachelor” star has to send one woman packing during the first two-on-one date of the season.

Despite all the drama ahead, the synopsis for episode 6 adds that Ben “still believes his future wife might be in the remaining group of women.”

Watch “The Bachelor” Season 20, episode 6 when it airs on ABC Monday, Feb. 8, at 8 p.m. EST.