Nick Viall is no stranger to disappointment when it comes to matters of the heart. The “Bachelor” Season 21 star is looking for love before ABC’s cameras for a fourth time and it’s not going to be easy.

A newly released trailer for the show teases the many highs and lows Nick will encounter on his quest to find the woman for him during the 2017 season. In the 30-second trailer the Wisconsin native is shown flipping a table, getting slapped and dealing with uncertainty related to a certain contestant. It’s not clear who the contestant is or why Nick is uncomfortable with her being there.

“It seems a little bit weird that she’s here,” Nick can be heard saying (via People).

Despite the drama, it seems Nick will find someone he’s really into by seasons end. In a portion of the trailer he’s shown holding what appears to be an engagement ring. He can be heard questioning whether or not his chosen contestant will agree to marry him, telling the cameras, “I hope she said, ‘yes.’”

Nick’s rocky road to romance seems to be an overriding theme in teasers for the upcoming season. Another, released in November, highlighted his many failed attempts to find love. Still, it appeared not all hope was lost. One contestant was shown commenting on how “sexy” Nick was, telling viewers she wanted him “right now.”

It’s not clear from the most recent trailer which of the 30 women vying for his heart Nick takes issue from, though fans should be able to guess based on spoilers related to Season 21 of “The Bachelor.” In October, Reality Steve reported that Nick had previously met one of the women competing in the 2017 season of the ABC dating series. He is believed to have asked casting directors to weed out people he previously met, but that doesn’t appear to have worked out as planned. Sources told Us Weekly that Nick called it “a waste” to have girls he encountered before on Season 21.

“During the first day of taping all the girls came out, and he actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again,” said an insider.

Reality Steve speculates that Nick previously had relations with Liz Sandoz, who is a close friend of former “The Bachelor” contestant Jade Roper. She and Nick are thought to have met at Jade’s wedding, where they hooked up and never spoke again. Us’ sources claim it took some time for Nick and Liz’s past to surface during Season 21.

“The Bachelor” premieres Jan. 2, 2017 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.