Nick Viall is finally shedding the title of runner-up, starring in Season 21 of ABC’s “The Bachelor.” Although he may finally be lucky in love, his tragic romantic past will continue to follow him.

The first official full-length promotional video for “The Bachelor” has arrived, highlighting several moments Nick is likely ready to forget. The clip opens with a look at the three previous heartbreaks “The Bachelor” star has suffered before diving into moments from Season 21. Nick is seen introducing himself as the star of the show to 30 hopeful women, who seem eager to win his heart. Several contestants are shown weighing in on how “sexy” ABC’s new “Bachelor” is, with one proclaiming that she wants him “right now.”

While the season has yet to kick off, there is already some talk about which of the many ladies chosen to compete for Nick’s heart on Season 21 will find themselves in the final four. With a little help from fans of the show, spoiler blog Reality Steve was able to take an educated guess at which of the ladies will make it to the end. One fan spotted Nick and a few of his final ladies on a catamaran in St. Thomas, British Virgin Islands. Although the photo was taken from far away, it appears to show Season 21 contestants Raven Gates and Rachel Lindsay, among others. Another fan spotted “The Bachelor” star on a hometown date with contestant Rachel in Hoxie, Arkansas.

Reality Steve speculates that Corinne Olympios and Vanessa Grimaldi will be the other two Season 21 hopefuls to make it to the final four. This speculation is based on the fact that, according to the “Bachelor” spoiler page, both were seen filming hometown dates with Nick between the fan sighting in Hoxie, and the trip to St. Thomas. The final rose ceremony for Season 21 of “The Bachelor” was filmed in New York City on Nov. 11, according to the blog. Nick and his final love interests gathered at the William Vale hotel where he chose the woman he is hoping to spend the rest of his life with.

While the latest clip is the first official trailer for the show, it is not the first promotional video released. On Oct. 28, a Halloween-themed teaser for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor” was released by E! Online. In it, Nick was seen standing before the camera as thunder and lightening rang off. The camera panned up from “The Bachelor” star’s feet to his face as a chilling scream coud be heard in the background. A voiceover warned viewers that “the next scream you hear may be your own.”

Season 21 of “The Bachelor” kicks off Monday, Jan. 2, on ABC.