Nick, Rachel L.
Nick’s time with Rachel L. may be coming to an end on “The Bachelor” in episode 9. ABC

Season 21 of “The Bachelor” is coming to a close, but not before star Nick Viall spends some quality time with his remaining three love interests. In episode 9 of the ABC dating competition, the Wisconsin native will be forced to eliminate one of four remaining cast members before heading to Finland with the final three.

According to Reality Steve, a trusted source for all things “The Bachelor,” Nick will start the episode by making a difficult decision. He’ll be forced to eliminate one of four women. It has been reported that Corinne, hailed as the most controversial member of the Season 21 “The Bachelor” cast only after Liz Sandoz, is finally sent packing. Reality Steve had no details on how she took her elimination, but we’re certain that after telling Nick she was in love with him one episode prior, she’ll be pretty heartbroken.

Nick, Corinne Olympios
Was Nick left with a bad taste in his mouth after breaking the bank with Corinne in Season 21, episode 8 of “The Bachelor”? ABC

After the rose ceremony, it’s time to set off for yet another exotic location. It’s during this episode in Finland that Nick is given the option to visit the fantasy suite with the woman — or women — of his choosing. It’s not clear which of the lucky ladies were chosen, but the blog seems to suggest that at least one person was picked.

Nick will be forced to eliminate another woman, though it’s not clear whether the elimination will take place during episode 9. Reality Steve reports that Rachel Lindsay, who we now know has been chosen as the Season 13 “Bachelorette,” will be cut. It seems likely, however, that this elimination will wait until the next episode.

No one was eliminated in Season 21, episode 8 of “The Bachelor.” Instead, Nick focused his energy on meeting the families of the final four cast members. The episode kicked off with a visit to Hoxie, Arkansas, where he shared a special moment with Raven, who learned that her father was cancer-free. The two rode all terrain vehicles and splashed in the marsh. Raven also admitted, for the first time, that she was falling for Nick.

“The Bachelor”
Raven and Nick got down and dirty in Hoxie, Arkansas, during Season 21, episode 8, of “The Bachelor.” ABC

From there he jetted to Dallas, Texas, where Rachel L. took him to church — literally. The pair danced, clapped and praised the Lord before paying Rachel L.’s parents a visit at home. Her mother and sister made sure to ask Nick hard-hitting questions about his dating history and figured out what his intentions were with Rachel L. Her mother appeared pleased with Nick and Rachel L.’s connection, which leaves us curious what the breaking point for their relationship will be.

After a lovely date with Rachel in Texas, Nick visited Corinne in Florida for a little retail therapy that left Nick feeling more than a little uncomfortable. Then they went home to meet the parents. Nick shared dinner with nanny Raquel and the rest of Corinne’s family and got to taste Corinne’s dad’s famous olives — which his face suggested were not the best. Raquel sat Nick down for a slight interrogation while Corinne talked to her dad about her feelings for Nick and their future together. Her father, like much of Bachelor Nation, was shocked to learn that after just six weeks she felt she was very much in love with Nick.

Last but not least, Nick jetted to Canada for some QT with Vanessa. Rather than wow him with her spending abilities or set up some daring date, Vanessa chose to give Nick a glimpse into her real life. She brought him to her classroom to spend time with her adult students and let them feel him out. Within minutes it became clear that Vanessa was loved by those she teaches and they seemed to take a liking to Nick as well. From there they spent time with her family, visiting her mother’s side of the family first and then her father’s. At both gatherings Vanessa’s family made it no secret that they were not comfortable with their unconventional relationship, which left her with some doubts about ever appearing on “The Bachelor” in the first place.

Who will be the last women standing? Only time will tell. Tune into to “The Bachelor” Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC for more.