Corinne stunned her “The Bachelor” Season 21 co-stars during episode 3 of the ABC dating series when she revealed that she has a nanny. Shortly after her revelation, a GoFundMe petition popped up online seeking to free Raquel — the woman tasked with making the Miami native’s bed daily and feeding her cheese pasta — from her servitude.

The page, which seeks to raise $100,000, has been active since Tuesday, the day after the episode aired, though it seems Corinne was unaware of this fact until now. The “Bachelor” contestant shared a post on Instagram on Thursday responding to the petition. Corinne posted a screen grab of the website, writing that it was “not a joke.” She suggested that the GoFundMe’s creator was just trying to take people’s money for themselves adding, “Raquel is not a slave.”

Not everyone is buying Corinne’s claims that Raquel is her nanny, however. Former “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss the controversy after it came to light. She told the publication that she believed Raquel was likely Corinne’s nanny growing up, but has since evolved into a housekeeper. Ali suggested that Corinne — who has been known to go to great lengths for attention — is claiming she has a caretaker for the sake of a reaction.

“This woman is her family’s housekeeper. She probably was Corinne’s nanny growing up but now she’s not her nanny,” Ali told ET. “Corinne still lives with her parents, the housekeeper is still there and still doing things for her, so there’s a big distinction there. I hate to be mean, but someone as immature as Corinne thinks it’s funny to tell people she has a nanny.”

Although Corinne has been stirring up drama at every turn on this season of “The Bachelor,” she is among Nick Viall’s favorite girls on the show. After a particularly controversial moment in episode 3, during which Corinne put whipped cream on her chest and had Nick lick it off, the Wisconsin native shared his thoughts about her in a blog on People magazine. “The Bachelor” star assured fans that although it may have appeared as though Corinne has no clothes on during the strange moment on the front lawn of the mansion, she was dressed. He also explained his attraction to her, calling her “bold, sexy and unique.”

“Did I ever expect to find myself in front of the ‘Bachelor’ mansion with a woman in a trench coat? Never,” he said. “But Corinne is bold, sexy and I kind of just ran with it for a moment. I also want to point out she wasn’t naked, even though it might appear that way.”

While Nick is still championing for Corinne, it seems “The Bachelor” cast is over it. The tension in the house will come to a head in Season 21, episode 4, according to Reality Steve. Taylor, who butted heads with Corinne in the season premiere, will reportedly take aim at the “Bachelor” 2017 villain during the episode.

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