Blake Horstmann may be looking for a partner on “Bachelor in Paradise” this season, but it appears he’s already had quite a few relationships with members of Bachelor Nation.

On Monday night’s Season 6 premiere of the ABC series, Blake informed host Chris Harrison that he had previously met women from past “Bachelor” shows, some of which he got along with “well.” What he didn’t disclose right away was how some of those romances ended. Ahead of episode 2 of “BIP” 2019, find out the truth about went down between Blake and fellow cast members Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Kristina Schulman, Tayshia Adams, and Hannah Godwin.

In the premiere, we see Blake meet Hannah G. on the beach. Later in the episode, Hannah shares with the cameras that she has wanted to get to know Blake for a few months. However, according to Reality Steve, the two already knew each other. In a June 18 blog post, he revealed that Blake flew to Alabama to “spend the weekend with Hannah G.” two weeks before “BIP” started filming.

“This wasn’t a ‘Hey I’m in town’ and asked her to meet up thing. This was planned trip by both of them because they were interested in each other. All of this gets out within the first few days of Paradise filming,” he revealed.

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When Tayshia enters “Paradise” it is revealed that she and Blake met at Stagecoach Festival while he was “pretty drunk.” When Caelynn comes on the scene, she tells the cameras that she slept with Blake at the exact same event. She added that she and Blake talked for months after only for him to suddently cut off communication with her. However, weeks before “BIP” began filming, Caelynn says Blake informed her that he had slept with his ex-girlfriend, Kristina Schulman, the night before they were together.

“I was told that Tayshia was the one blindsided the most,” Reality Steve wrote. “She had no idea he slept with Caelynn and Kristina on back-to-back nights after she hung out with him the first night of Stagecoach until all this went down in 'Paradise.' I believe Caelynn eventually found out about Kristina, and vice versa.”

In episode 2, viewers will see Blake go on a date with Kristina, who arrived on day two, and later receive a verbal smackdown from Caelynn. “She confronts Blake on the beach face-to-face in a ‘screaming and crying’ outburst because after they slept together, shortly afterwards Blake told her he thought it was a mistake, shouldn’t have happened, and for her not to tell anyone,” reads the report.

“Everyone thinks Blake is like the best guy on this beach and it’s like the reality is he isn’t,” Caelynn said in the premiere. “He treats girls like scum...What he’s doing to girls right now, especially me, is [expletive] up.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 6, episode 2 airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Blake with "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6 cast members (from left) Kristina, Tayshia, Caelynn and Hannah G. ABC