John Paul Jones declared his deep feelings for Tayshia during a heart-to-heart chat with her on Monday’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” After fighting with fellow 2019 contestant Derek for Tayshia's affections, JPJ told the cameras he felt he was “messing up” their relationship. Tayshia comforted him, but only after revealing she was interested in dating other “BIP” Season 6 cast members.

The latest episode ended with Tayshia revealing she was unsure how she would proceed in her romance with JPJ following Derek’s leave. The preview also showed her teasing the idea of just quitting on “Paradise” altogether. Thankfully for JPJ, Tayshia is rumored to have a change of heart on Tuesday’s episode by gifting him her rose during the elimination ceremony.

So, what utlimately happens to the couple?

According to Reality Steve, viewers won’t have to wait to find out what becomes of the “BIP” pair. The spoiler blogger did not include Tayshia and JPJ among his roundup of this season’s engaged couples, but that doesn’t mean their romance concluded in “Paradise.”

After Tayshia reportedly dumped JPJ in Mexico prior to the series’ overnight dates, the blogger reported in August that the two were “seeing each other” post-show. During the program's reunion taping late last month, they even reportedly announced their relationship. In current day, though, things may not be going too well for the pair.

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“I need to find out more about what’s going on with Tayshia and JPJ, but it certainly doesn’t look good,” Reality Steve reported on Tuesday. “Let’s be honest here. Tayshia has zero interest in dating a guy 3,000 miles from her that she already dumped on the show which you’ll see next week. I think what they filmed at the reunion taping was her trying to save a little face.”

The blogger added that unless JPJ moves to California to be with Tayshia, he believes there is “zero chance” they will make it. “And that seems to be the sentiment of people who’ve reached out to me,” he added. “Nobody really buys them together.”

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John Paul Jones and Tayshia of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 6. ABC