When week five of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 6 kicks off, the women will have all the power ahead of the rose ceremony. Who will arrive in “Paradise” next week and who will be sent home? Find out here!

New Arrivals And Fights

Monday’s episode will continue to show Angela’s entrance into “Paradise” following her and her ex-boyfriend Clay’s reunion at the wedding. ABC’s synopsis reveals that Angela’s inclusion in the 2019 cast “brings trouble” for Clay’s relationship with Nicole. While Angela deals with her “unresolved feelings for Clay” she will try to move on with a new member of Bachelor Nation: Mike.

That won’t be the only relationship drama of the episode, though. While John Paul Jones has made it clear he has feelings for Tayshia, Haley will start “developing feelings” for JPJ. When Derek, who is also interested in Tayshia, makes this known to Haley, “it sets off a series of face-offs between the two men vying for Tayshia’s heart,” the synopsis states.

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While the two men fight over Tayshia, two new men will arrive in “Paradise” to stir things up even more. Reality Steve has reported that viewers can expect to see Matt Donald, who was called the Grocery Store Joe of Hannah Brown’s “The Bachelorette” season, and Luke Stone join the cast.

The Dates

In an attempt to move on from Clay, Angela will take Mike out on a date, spoilers indicate. Angela is also said to go on a date with fellow newcomer Chase. The last date for the episode is a double date between Matt and Sydney and Luke and Kristina.

Who Leaves Early?

Before the rose ceremony, ABC has teased that one participant will exit the show prematurely. While the summary doesn’t state who is leaving the program, Reality Steve has reported that Derek will be the one to quit following his confrontations with JPJ.

Who Gets Eliminated?

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Derek and Mike will leave "Bachelor in Paradise" in week five. ABC

ABC has revealed that “one-liked” man will get the boot in week five. Spoilers indicate the cast will say goodbye to Mike after Derek’s self-elimination.

Here’s who chose who:

  • Demi-Kristian
  • Tayshia-JPJ
  • Hannah-Dylan
  • Nicole-Clay
  • Katie-Chris
  • Caelynn-Connor
  • Haley-Luke S.
  • Sydney-Matt
  • Kristina-Blake
  • Angela-Chase

Dean’s Return

bachelor paradise
Caelynn (left) moved on with Connor (right) on Season 6 of "Bachelor in Paradise." Will she go back with Dean? ABC

Following the rose ceremony, Dean will make a comeback. After dumping Caelynn on her birthday in last week’s installment, she found a new connection in Connor. While she feels “confident” she and her new guy will leave the show together, ABC has revealed she is “in for one of the biggest shockers of the season” when Dean returns with a “tempting offer” for her. While viewers are being told to tune in to see her decision between the two men, spoilers indicate that she leaves the show with Dean.

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.