“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 is officially back with a new promo.

On Monday night, Chris Harrison gave fans a preview of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 during “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose.”

“Everyone has heard the gossip and talked about the controversy. It’s made headlines around the world and is trending on social media. And right now, for the very first time, you’re going to get a sneak peek at the new season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’” Harrison said before unveiling the teaser, reports Entertainment Tonight.

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The clip opens with Alex Woytkiw commenting on Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson getting a little too close and personal at the pool. “This is 30 minutes into Paradise, Corinne and DeMario are already having a blast, hanging out with each other in the pool,” he says in the teaser. The producers then tell DeMario and Corinne to move away. Danielle Maltby wonders out loud about what happened because as far as she knows, they were not filming.

Aside from Corinne and DeMario, the promo also focuses on other stars who find love in “Paradise.” The clip features Dean Unglert hooking up with Danielle Lombard, Jack Stone and Christen Whitney getting intimate, and Taylor Nolan finding love in Derek Peth. Things also heat up between Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes. 

“The sexiest Bachelors and Bachelorettes return for a second chance at love,” Harrison says in the clip.

In June, “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4 was suspended due to DeMario and Corinne’s alleged sex scandal. However, according to Corinne’s lawyer Marty Singer, there were multiple complaints that caused the suspension of the show.

“It needs to be made crystal clear that production of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ was shut down because of multiple complaints received from BIP producers and crew members on the set,” Singer said in a statement to Us Weekly. “It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros., as a result of its own internal investigation, would state that no wrong doing had occurred.”

As for the sex scandal that rocked the show, Corinne claimed that DeMario took advantage of her and that she had not been aware of what happened between them in the pool. However, the latter was confident that he didn’t take advantage of her inebriated state. In fact, before they headed to the pool, he made sure that the cameras were rolling and filming everything.

“When you’re a man, mostly African-American man, no matter where you’re at, you always look for things that can help you out. And at that moment, I made sure that the cameras followed us,” DeMario told People. “It just seemed too perfect in a sense for me. At that point, that’s when my spidey senses got up.”

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