The show must go on! Warner Bros. has concluded their investigation into the alleged sexual assault on the Season 4 set of “Bachelor In Paradise,” finding no evidence to support Corinne Olympios’ claims of misconduct.

With that, ABC’s decided to resume filming the show with hopes to air this summer as originally planned. Sources suggest the show will return to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, according to ET Online. Casting is reportedly underway, though Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed that.

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Another source has said that a majority of the original Season 4 cast remains in the dark. Producers reportedly had a meeting on Tuesday “to update on what will happen next.” The source suggests that during said meeting, they decided once and for all who they’ll bring back, if anyone, for “Bachelor In Paradise” following the scandal.

Robby Hayes, originally a confirmed member of the Season 4 cast, confirmed how little he knew during a Facebook Live interview with ET on Tuesday. He revealed he’d yet to hear from “Bachelor In Paradise” producers. Hayes added that while he and his co-stars hadn’t been told much, they were told there was a chance the show would “pick back up.”

“We were kept in the dark, we met with lawyers just like we do every time,” he told ET. “We were told it could pick back up. There’s just a bunch of stuff on the legal side that they have to take care of first and that they are doing it for our safety, for our concern, because the cast is their primary concern.”

Hayes isn’t the first to claim that producers doted on the cast during “Bachelor In Paradise” production. Stars Jasmine Goode and Raven Gates, both of whom appeared on “The Bachelor” Season 21 alongside Olympios, replied to a Hollywood Life story stating that the alleged victim suffered bruises and cuts during the incident.

In screenshots of the conversation, obtained by LA Times writer Amy Kaufman, Goode refuted the claims made in the story as “not true at all.” She added that she was with Olympios when she scraped her knee and also sustained minor injuries. She blamed their scrapes on “#rocks.”

Gates got in on the action, confirming that both Goode and Olympios were treated by medics on the “Bachelor In Paradise” set. Goode noted that producers “insisted” they get medical help to which Gates chimed in, “Because they ALWAYS are concerned for our safety and well being. #facts.” The exchange prompted “Bachelor In Paradise” fans to get involved, urging Goode and Gates to stand by Olympios.

“We stood by her the whole night,” Gates replied.

DeMario Jackson, the male “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 4 star accused of performing oral sex on Olympios without her consent, has also denounced sexual assault allegations. Walter Mosley, the attorney defending Jackson, released a statement to People maintaining his innocence. He said that the investigation into what occurred between Olympios and his client was not criminal, adding that tapes would set the record straight.

Comments contradicting Olympios’ allegations appeared online shortly after reports she lied about how drunk she’d been the night the incident happened. TMZ first reported that the “Bachelor” Season 21 star drank half a bottle of champagne in the car while driving to a bar where she continued drinking. She alleged that her level of intoxication caused her to do “a faceplant in the Jacuzzi” before she was “dragged and laying on the ground.”

Sources who saw the footage from the incident refute those claims. TMZ later reported that Olympios was “clearly with it” during her encounter with Jackson. If the former “Bachelor” star was intoxicated at the time, however, she would not have been able to provide proper consent to engage in sexual activity.

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As claims surfaced that Olympios was lying about her level of intoxication surfaced, Goode spoke out for the first time. She denied her co-stars allegations, claiming that Olympios made moves on three other male “Bachelor In Paradise” cast members before pursuing Jackson. Goode added that producers stepped in to stop Olympios from drinking, at which time she snapped.

“Corinne forced herself on three male cast members, when they were unable to consent, in addition to engaging with DeMario,” Goode said. “After the incident everything seemed fine. There was no mention about being hurt. However, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she got upset and said, ‘Watch, watch what I’m gonna do.’”

“Bachelor In Paradise” was initially set to premier in August on ABC. The show will air on Tuesdays.