They’re baaack! Eliminated cast members from previous seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” returned to ABC Tuesday night for a second (and even third) chance at love. That’s right, it’s a whole new season of “Bachelor in Paradise”!

The way “Bachelor in Paradise” works is that the entire cast in Sayulita, Mexico, is looking for love. They go on “Bachelor-style dates” and have to participate in a rose ceremony. Each week the guys and girls alternate in handing out roses. And if a contestant doesn’t receive a rose, then they have to leave paradise and go home.

The guys have the power this week, which means that at least one woman is going to be sent packing if she doesn’t form a relationship. Jubilee of Ben Higgins’ season gets the first date card, which means that she has the upper hand in forming a connection with someone. Crushing on Jared from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, Jubilee decides to ask him out. Jared accepts, and the two leave the “Paradise” compound for a romantic evening.

Meanwhile, relationships begin to form between Izzy of Ben’s season and Vinny of JoJo Fletcher’s season. However, a big storm is brewing. “The Chad,” the villain from JoJo’s season, is back for a second chance at love. He patches things up with Evan, who he feuded with during “The Bachelorette,” but he doesn’t exactly make friends with many people.

Chad sparks a weird relationship with Lace of Ben’s season, who initially seemed to be cozying up to Grant, another contestant from JoJo’s season. Grant admits that she’s crazy, but has a soft spot for her. However, she ditches him and starts hooking up with Chad in the Jacuzzi. Things quickly turn weird. Chad and Lace get physical with each other and begin calling each other names — all while still hooking up.

As Vinny explains to the cameras, the whole thing is like a “Category 5” storm. “I hope I get out of this alive,” he says.

Things spiral out of control as Chad starts to call Lace a “crazy b----.” It initially seems like the two are “turned on by each other’s chaos,” but then Lace has enough. She pushes him away, telling him that they’re done. And he doesn’t take too kindly too that. After having way too much to drink, he starts arguing with the others.

Sarah of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 1 and Sean Lowe’s season quickly gets annoyed with his antics. She joined Season 3 to meet someone special and doesn’t appreciate how disrespectful he’s treating the women. She calls him out for his rude behavior and tells him that if he doesn’t leave, she will. Chad calls her a name, forcing Sarah to make a quick exit. Fortunately for her, everyone else is right behind her.

Daniel, his buddy from JoJo’s season, tries to calm him down. But there is no way to stop a tropical Chad storm. He ends up passing out on the beach next to a crab — and allegedly has an accident over night.

Chad wakes up the next morning sober and with a fresh pair of underwear. He’s ready to start a new day, but the others in the house aren’t. When host Chris Harrison calls an impromptu meeting, Sarah has no problem calling Chad out for his less than desirable behavior the night before. She admits to the cameras that she “hates” Chad, and that she doesn’t want to be in “Paradise” if he’s there.

Chris Harrison tells Chad that he tried to give him a second chance, but that he turned “paradise into hell.”

“You told everyone at this hotel last night to s--- a d---,” Chris Harrison explains. “I’m sorry. I thought this could work out. It didn’t. I’m going to have to ask you to leave … I’m asking you to leave ‘Paradise’ right now.”

Chad doesn’t think that Chris Harrison is being serious, and turns to blame Lace. He finally walks out, but he’s not happy. Chad begins to yell that he has “nothing” in his life and that Chris Harrison made him out to “look like a b----.”

“You went to sleep last night with a mimosa and a robe on,” he yells when Chris Harrison says that he watched everything that happened the night before. “F--- you, Chris Harrison. Come at me.”

“The Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3 premiere ends with Chad still yelling and not leaving the compound.