DeMario Jackson isn’t going to let a little trouble keep him from appearing on Season 4 of “Bachelor In Paradise.” The eliminated “Bachelorette” Season 13 star’s fate was uncertain after he found himself at the center of a sexual assault investigation involving Corinne Olympios.

It appears, however, that DeMario’s returning to “Bachelor In Paradise” following an investigation into the allegations, which yielded no evidence of misconduct. Us Weekly reports that Robby Hayes, Raven Gates, Vinny Ventiera and Amanda Stanton have also been asked to return for Season 4. Corinne’s future on the franchise is uncertain.

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On Wednesday, reports surfaced claiming ABC resumed production on “Bachelor In Paradise.” The show will apparently air in August as originally planned. Sources told ET Online filming will take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where it began, and casting is underway.

A second anonymous source claimed the cast was being kept in the dark about their futures on “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 4. Producers met on Tuesday “to update on what will happen next.” The source claims that during the meeting, they decided which stars they wanted to ask back following the scandal.

Speaking with ET Online during a Facebook Live interview, Robby confirmed that he had not yet been asked back to the show. He added that neither he nor his co-stars had been told much of anything. He did, however, say that they were warned the show may “pick back up.”

“We were kept in the dark, we met with lawyers just like we do every time,” he said. “We were told it could pick back up. There’s a bunch of stuff on the legal side that they have to take care of first and that they are doing it for our safety, for our concern, because the cast is their primary concern.”

Robby isn’t the only one that’s come forward about how doting the “Bachelor In Paradise” producers were during production on Season 4. Jasmine Goode and Raven Gates, both of whom appeared on “The Bachelor” Season 21 with Olympios, replied to a Hollywood Life story on Twitter, which alleged that she’d sustained minor injuries during her encounter with DeMario. The pair maintained that all claims made in the story were untrue, adding that they were there for bits and pieces and were forced by producers to seek medical attention.

DeMario was vocal in refuting Corinne’s claims from early on. Most recently his lawyer, Walter Mosley, told People magazine Warner Bros.’ investigation into the events that allegedly occurred on the set was not criminal. He added that tapes from that night would set the record straight.

Mosley’s statement came amid uncertainty about Corinne’s account of events. TMZ reported that the “Bachelor In Paradise” star drank half a bottle of champagne in the car while driving to a bar where she consumed a number of other drinks. Corinne said she was so intoxicated she did “a faceplant in the Jacuzzi” before being “dragged and laying on the ground.”

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Sources who claim to have seen footage of the incident refute those claims. TMZ then reported that Corinne was “clearly with it” during her hookup with DeMario. That remains a mystery at this point, though Warner Bros. did not find that Corinne was so drunk during the incident that she could not properly consent to sexual contact.

“Bachelor In Paradise” is set to air Tuesdays on ABC starting this August.