Lauren Bushnell may be the happiest girl in the world now that she finally can come clean about her engagement to Ben Higgins. “The Bachelor” couple is all smiles right now, but their relationship could have gotten off to a rocky start had Ben not addressed a couple of situations.

As fans of the ABC reality series know, Ben had told both Lauren and runner-up JoJo Fletcher that he was in love with them. Ben ultimately ended up choosing Lauren and proposing to her, but he still had to warn her about exactly how serious his relationship with JoJo was. Lauren revealed to host Chris Harrison during the “After the Final Rose” special that they had that conversation the day after getting engaged.

“He just laid it all out there,” Lauren explained. “Anything that I would be surprised by or might be hurtful, we had a conversation right then.”

But that doesn’t mean she wanted to watch all of his relationships play out on camera. The 25-year-old flight attendant revealed to International Business Times during a press call Tuesday that she skipped over some scenes once things hit the hometown date level.

“Obviously that means that those relationships were more serious or whatnot,” Lauren said of the hometown dates. “I think that’s when I just decided, ‘know what, I already know what happened.’ Anything that I would need to know about, Ben and I already had a discussion about it. So, there’s no reason to watch it and relive it again, especially since we’re so far removed from that time and place.”

Lauren and Ben have much to look forward to now that they can be in public together. In the next few weeks Lauren will be moving from Santa Monica, California, to Ben’s place in Denver. The duo are also looking forward to planning their wedding, revealing to “Bachelor” fans after the finale that they don’t want a long engagement.