Chris Soules attended the pre-trial hearing of a fatal car crash in April that he was involved in. Pictured: Soules attends the WE tv presents "The Evolution of The Relationship Reality Show" at The Paley Center for Media on March 19, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

"Bachelor" alum Chris Soules was emotionless when he attended the hearing for a deadly car crash.

On Thursday, Soules appeared in court for the pre-trial hearing of the fatal car crash that killed Kenneth Mosher, 66, in April. The reality star showed up with his lawyers at the Buchanan County Courthouse in Iowa five months after the accident.

The hearing lasted only five minutes, but Soules did not say a word the entire time, Entertainment Tonight reported. His lawyers and the prosecutors said that they had already reached an agreement out of court to withdraw the Bill of Particulars.

In April, Soules reported the incident and even called 911. A recording revealed that Soules sounded distraught after admitting that he "rear-ended a guy on tractor." He also announced that the victim was unconscious and did not seem to be breathing. At the time, he asked the crowd who gathered around the accident if someone knew how to perform CPR. Fortunately, one person did, and Soules said that he felt a pulse after CPR was performed. He also confessed that there was blood during the accident when asked.

Despite this, the reality star was charged for leaving the scene of a fatal accident, which is a class D felony. He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Soules requested to specify the Iowa code that he violated in the Bill of Particulars. "A Bill of Particulars should be allowed when the charge and minutes do not sufficiently inform the defendant of the evidence, which the prosecution will use against him," one of his lawyers, Gina Messamer, explained.

Soules' attorneys are planning to pursue a dismissal of charges. The hearing is set for Oct. 10, while the trial date will be held on Jan. 18, 2018.

Soules deleted his Instagram account after his arrest, but it is now reinstated. Soules also recently made a rare public appearance when he attended "Bachelor" alum Sharleen Joynt's wedding with Andy Levine in New York over the weekend.

E! News noted that the former "Bachelor" seemed to be in good spirits during the event. He was seen smiling and mingling with other guests. "Chris was very laid back and happy throughout the night. He was laughing a lot and having a good time talking to people," an eyewitness said. "He was not somber by any means. He was having a great time and enjoying being out with friends."