In episode eight of “The Bachelorette,” Desiree Hartsock will be doing hometown visits with her four remaining suitors -- Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak. The bachelorette previously revealed that she was running toward the finish line in her marathon of love with Brooks. But does his family approve of their relationship?

Last week, viewers learned that Brooks took meeting his family seriously, and he wanted to be sure that he was on the same page with Des before introducing her. Using running terms to express where they are in their relationship, Des told Brooks that she’s breaking out in a run for the finish line, while Brooks told her at the same time that he’s in a jog. Admitting to the cameras that he may be a little behind in his emotional progress with Desiree, he still wanted her to meet his family -- and that’s exactly what will happen in episode eight during the hometown visits.

In a sneak peek video from episode eight, Brooks’ mom tells the cameras that she can see the loving way that the pair were looking at each other. “It was very tender to see that happening,” she explains.

Like any mother, though, she’s protective of her son and wants to make sure that Desiree can see a future with him -- and not break his heart. “We need to go and speak with each other,” she tells Des, while Brooks makes an awkward face besides her. And Desiree knows that the stakes are high.

“Knowing how much Brooks’ family’s opinion means to him, I really need their approval,” she tells the camera.

Not wasting any time getting into it, Brooks’ mom starts off by telling Desiree, “It’s really important to choose somebody wisely.” Then she throws a curveball: “So, do you feel like you’ve had enough time?”

Not even skipping a beat, Desiree opens up to Brooks’s mother, telling her that she does feel like she has gotten to know her son and listing all the great qualities he possesses (“He’s funny and witty and adventurous and spontaneous, and it’s fun,” Des says).

“And he’d make a great husband and a great father,” Brooks’ mother adds to Desiree. “Do you see possible marriage potential in him?”

Desiree explains that she does see potential, which is why it’s great that she’s able to meet the family and see inside their relationship. But Des also expresses her doubts. “I think the main thing I was wondering is if he was ready for marriage,” she says carefully. “Because he has mentioned that he wasn’t sure coming into it.”

Fans will have to wait until episode eight of “The Bachelorette” on Monday at 8 p.m. to find out what Brooks’ mother has to say in response.