Welcome to Venice! ABC’s “Bachelorette” was once again on the move, this time taking Andi Dorfman and the eight remaining guys to Italy in episode 6. The 26-year-old Atlanta beauty had three dates planned – two one-on-one dates and one group date. Find out the drama that unfolded with our recap of episode 6:

First One-On-One Date

Only one guy hasn’t had a one-on-one date with Andi – Cody. So needless to say, the 28-year-old personal trainer was banking on getting the first date of the episode. Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards though. After last week’s fiasco with Nick, Andi felt like she needed more time with the software sales executive to sort things out.

A definite unpopular decision with the seven other guys, Andi acknowledged to the cameras. However her argument was that something didn’t sit right with her about Nick.

The pair walked through the streets of Venice, exploring the beautiful architecture and tasting the local cuisine. But the whole time Andi was pondering if Nick was truly cocky and arrogant, or simply misunderstood by his peers.

Before Andi could ask Nick herself, the 33-year-old spoke up on his own. He admitted to having a poor attitude and really thought he was going home after the antics he pulled last week. However he was happy that Andi gave him a second chance.

The two dived deeper into the conversation over dinner inside a masquerade hall. It was there that Nick confessed to falling in love with her, and revealed that his feelings were actually hurt about the accusations from the guys.

“Do you think you’re the front runner?” Andi asked him.

Initially silent at first, Nick slyly answered that he doesn’t like the word “frontrunner.” Instead he explained that he told the guys that he’s “incredibly fortunate” to have a great relationship with her.

Happy that he took responsibility and copped to what he said, Andi decided to gift him with the rose – and Nick accepted.

Group Date

Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ and Chris landed the group date of episode 6. But before the six guys could head out and explore Italy, Andi received another romantic note from her secret admirer. Curious as to who is writing the sweet letters, Andi took the men to a castle … for a lie detector test!

While Andi’s looking at the date as a fun time, not all the guys are happy about being forced to take the test – especially Chris. The 32-year-old farmer nervously told the cameras that he has been planning on telling her something and that this is the worst date he could possibly have. Meanwhile Josh doesn’t believe that a relationship should have to rely on a lie detector test.

Before the guys took the test, Andi took it to show them that they were in this together. When they did sit down they were asked a handful of questions, like:

-Are you ready for marriage?

-Are you ready for kids?

-Are you good in bed?

-Have you slept with over 20 women?

-Are you here for the right reasons?

-Do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?

Before Andi could get the results, Dylan pulled her aside and told her that he wasn’t feeling well and wants to return to the hotel.

The results confirmed that three men told no lies, one man told two lies, and two men told three lies. Andi on the other hand told two lies. And while Brian opened up Andi’s test to read the details, the bachelorette chose to tear the other tests into little pieces.

It was a good move to make on Andi’s part because the guys felt more comfortable with Andi. However by the end of the date Andi was beginning to doubt her decision.

Marcus confessed that he almost left at the beginning; JJ admitted to lying about being good in bed; and Josh completely ripped into her about not trusting him.

“I want to build up trust without that kind of stuff,” he explained to her.

However her talk with Josh only made her more nervous about their relationship, believing that he was so upset because he was really hiding something.

Things turned around when Chris confessed to being Andi’s secret admirer – something she had a feeling about for a while. Grateful for the trust, confidence and hope that Chris instills in her, Andi gifted Chris with the group date rose.

While Chris was happy, Josh admitted that he was worried about his own relationship with Andi. JJ on the other hand told him that he’s sick of congratulating everyone else.

“We shouldn’t be happy,” JJ said of Chris getting the rose.

Chris’ good mood couldn’t be brought down though. “You do you,” he responded. “You’re true colors will shine and people will see that.”

Second One-On-One Date

Cody finally landed his first one-on-one date with Andi after six long weeks. The personal trainer was excited to make her fall in love with him, however there was a lot of pressure for the date. His relationship with Andi was way behind the other guys, and he had to show her that there was a reason why she needed to keep him.

Andi took Cody to Verona, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet. Visiting Juliet’s courtyard, the pair headed to the Juliet Club to answer love letters and questions. The bachelorette was impressed with Cody’s sweet words, but it wasn’t enough to keep him in the game.

Over dinner he poured his heart out … only to have Andi show no emotion. Cutting him off in the middle of talking, Andi began to tear up and told him that they were stuck in the friendship zone.

“I cant do that to you,” she told him, blotting her eyes. “I can’t take you to next week. It’s not fair.”

Instead of a rose, Andi sent Cody packing.

Rose Ceremony

The cocktail party before the rose ceremony was held at a wine cellar – and drama ensued for the guys. Despite Nick and Chris being the only two contestants safe with roses, Nick decided to box out the other guys and whisk Andi away for some one-on-one time. His bold move didn’t sit well with the others, and Chris called him out when he came back.

“I personally thought that was an arrogant move,” he told Nick, expressing his disappointment.

But Nick just shook him off.

With two roses handed out, Andi only had four roses left to hand out. Andi gave the first rose to Dylan, followed by Brian and Marcus. With only one rose left and two guys standing, Andi chose Josh and sent JJ packing.

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