Another episode of “The Bachelorette” … another week of bros being bros. Episode 4 of the 2015 season picked up from last week’s “to be continued” drama with Clint. The 27-year-old architectural engineer managed to sweet talk Kaitlyn during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, but talk from the other guys in the house had the bachelorette doubting his sincerity.

Kaitlyn pulls Clint aside before the rose ceremony to speak to him about his behavior. Clint claims that he’s been nothing but “100% honest” with her. But Kaitlyn knows that that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not appreciative of his argumentative behavior, Kaitlyn admits that she doesn’t trust him and that he’s “done.”

“Let’s go say goodbye to everybody,” Kaitlyn says to him.

As if the situation of getting eliminated wasn’t awkward enough, things get even more cringe worthy when Clint asks which of the other contestants told Kaitlyn he was mean and not there for the right reasons. Surprisingly it’s JJ who speaks up. When Kaitlyn tells everyone that Clint is going home, JJ tells Clint to apologize to everyone for wasting everyone’s time and emotions. Needless to say, Clint was shocked by JJ’s outburst – and so were the other guys! After getting the nickname “Brokeback Bachelor,” the contestants felt like JJ threw his best friend under the bus.

The pair part on bad terms, and JJ ultimately ends up crying about it outside. He slaps himself across the face and tells himself to pull it together before heading back inside to face the rose ceremony.

But Kaitlyn has another surprise for the guys up her sleeve – no rose ceremony! After the dramatic departures of Tony and Clint, Kaitlyn didn’t feel like she got enough time with the guys and wanted another week to develop relationships. But the relationships aren’t going to develop in “The Bachelorette” mansion … because the group is packing their bags and heading to New York City!

Group Date One

Jonathan, Justin, Ben Z, Cory, Ryan, Tanner, JJ and Shawn land the first group date of episode 4 – but they’re not the only ones meeting up with Kaitlyn! Hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh joins the gang to introduce the group date challenge … a rap battle! Each guy goes head-to-head against another contestant. Justin battles Shawn, Corey goes up against JJ, Ben Z. faces Tanner and Jonathan challenges Ryan. Each contestant has a fun time with it – although things get a little too real for Corey and JJ.

Unfortunately the fun stops for the guys during the post-date cocktail party. Kaitlyn drops a bombshell on the men … Nick Viall from Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette” wants to join the competition.

It’s pretty obvious that the guys don’t want another person to compete against. On top of that issue, a couple of the men are familiar with Nick’s history. While on Andi’s season of “The Bachelorette,” Nick ended up the runner up. Their relationship didn’t end on the best of terms … because Nick told everyone that they had sex in the fantasy suite.

Nick appears sincere in his feelings for Kaitlyn. He tells her that the thought of not meeting her and seeing her get engaged to another guy upset him, which is why he decided to fly to New York and make the move. Kaitlyn feels out the contestants, but doesn’t make a decision regarding bringing Nick onboard. While one guy says it’s up to her, the others feel like she’s not confident with the relationships she already has in front of her.

Kaitlyn meets up with Nick to tell him that she needs time to think about, and the pair embrace in a steamy kiss.

One-On-One Date

Jared lands the one-on-one date of episode 4. But unfortunately for him, Kaitlyn has another guy on her mind – Nick! Her date with him is scheduled for later that night, so she decides to meet up with Nick after getting her hair done by “The Bachelor” alum Ashley S.

Kaitlyn tells Ashley S. about her dilemma with Nick, and Ashley S. tells her that it sounds like she’s “lusting” over him. Kaitlyn takes that into consideration when she meets up with Nick. She decides to let him join even though it might rattle the other guys in the house. Her thinking is that she might regret letting him go.

After telling Nick he can join the other guys, Kaitlyn goes on her date with Jared. The 26-year-old restaurant manager meets the bachelorette at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they have the entire place to themselves. It’s beyond romantic, but she’s too stressed out over inviting Nick to join that she can barely concentrate. However, Jared’s sweet words pull Kaitlyn out of her head. When she realizes how deep her connection with Jared is, she begins to doubt bringing Nick into the equation.

Group Date Two

Ben H., Chris, Ian, Joe and Joshua land the second group date of episode 4. But before the guys can head out to see the bachelorette, Kaitlyn pays them a visit to break the news … Nick is moving in that night. She explains that at the end of the day she just needs to “explore” the opportunity. When they guys don’t say anything, she adds that Nick’s addition doesn’t change anything about the relationships she already developed in the group.

With that weight off her chest, Kaitlyn and the guys head out for their group date. Kaitlyn surprises the contestants by taking them to ”Aladdin” on Broadway. But the contestants aren’t watching the play … they’re auditioning for it!

That’s right, Kaitlyn makes the guys sing, dance and act. The catch is that only one of them can move forward with the date, and the others have to return to the hotel.

Everyone puts their best foot forward, but Ian and Chris pull ahead as the top contenders. In the end Chris wins, and lands the opportunity to share the stage with Kaitlyn in that night’s performance of “Aladdin.”

Chris and Kaitlyn have a small, non-speaking role in the play, but the pair enjoy their time together. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the remaining contestants at the hotel.

With Nick on his way to move in, the guys talk about how to handle the situation. Some men want to ignore him, while others want to antagonize him. Although their split down the middle, almost everyone agrees that he’s probably there for the wrong reasons. Episode 4 of “the Bachelorette” doesn't feature a rose ceremony, and instead ends with Nick opening the door to the hotel room and greeting the men.

“Sup, guys.”