Goodbye, Kupah! Episode 3 of “The Bachelorette” picked up after the dramatic “to be continued” ending from last week. The 32-year-old entrepreneur was eliminated by Kaitlyn Bristowe before the rose ceremony – and he did NOT take it well.

Kaitlyn hears him yelling at the producers and decides to approach him outside. She tells him to accept the fact that he’s going home and that he’s only creating an uncomfortable situation. “Nothing is going to change,” she explains. He finally leaves– but not before telling the cameras that he wasn’t even interested in dating the Bachelorette.

Kupah’s rough departure upset Kaitlyn, but the show must go on. Cutting the cocktail party short, she moves the rest of the guys into the second rose ceremony. Jared receives the first rose, followed by Ben H., Shawn, Jonathan, Tanner, Chris “Cupcake,” Ryan, Justin, Ian, Joshua, Joe and Corey. The final rose went to Tony, eliminating Cory and Daniel.

First Group Date Of Episode 3

Rise and shine, boys! The night before was awkward – and the morning somehow manages to be even more awkward! The contestants are woken up by champion sumo wrestlers Biyamba and Yama and learn that they’re going to be learning the ancient Japanese sport of sumo … in the traditional and revealing uniform.

Clint, Chris, Tony, JJ, Joe and Shawn are the six contestants chosen for the date, but the rest of the guys get to watch as Biyamba and Yama teach them the art. And they got to see A LOT.

“I’m seeing junk everywhere,” Kaitlyn laughs, adding that “everything is hanging out.”

The guys seem to be having a good time with the sumo lesson – until it’s Tony’s turn to practice on the champion wrestlers. The 35-year-old healer goes through with the fight, but breaks down afterwards. He walks away from Kaitlyn, ignoring her when she asks him what’s wrong. But eventually he does crack. He explains that he doesn’t like “all the aggression” and that he’d rather go on a date that is “peaceful and loving.”

Tony continues that he “views the world through the eyes of a child” and doesn’t understand why everything has to revolve around aggression. Kaitlyn knew he was sensitive, but his outburst still caught her off-guard. She tries to reason that the date was about having fun and being adventurous, but Tony doesn’t see it that way.

There was still more to the date – a sumo competition in front of a crowd. Kaitlyn leaves the decision to attend in Tony’s hands, and the contestant decides not to participate. He tells the other guys at the house that he’d rather a date at the zoo where they can imitate animals. But that’s not all. As the rest of the guys follow through with the date, Tony packs his bags and decides to leave. He visits Kaitlyn at the group date after party location and says goodbye. Kaitlyn doesn’t stop him from leaving, and later tells the cameras that “The Bachelorette” wasn’t for him.

The night continues with Kaitlyn getting some one-on-one time with the rest of the guys – except Clint. Although they really hit it off during their one-on-one date in episode 2, Clint decides that he’s going to let the Bachelorette come to him. Unfortunately his plan backfires. Kaitlyn gives the group date rose to Shawn and calls Clint out for ignoring her. But Kaitlyn’s shade doesn’t bother Clint – he tells the cameras that he was coming to the realization that Kaitlyn’s not the girl for him.

One-On-One Date

Ben Z. lands the one-on-one date of episode 3. He joins Kaitlyn on a date that tests their fears – and he passes with flying colors. Kaitlyn is deathly afraid of birds and Ben Z. proves to be the ultimate man in protecting her. Although they already developed a connection the week before, their relationship only intensifies thanks to the one-on-one date. She gifts Ben Z. with the date rose after hanging out at her house, eating pizza and sitting in the hot tub.

Second Group Date Of Episode 3

Jonathan, Ben H., Joshua, Ryan, Jared and Tanner embark on a school bus for the second group date of episode 3 – and it’s a doozy because the guys must teach a sex education class. They immediately turn red, but no one backs down from the challenge. The contestants are asked some super awkward questions, but Kaitlyn was hiding something … the kids in the class were child actors!

Although she didn’t let the guys in on the secret, they all excelled with their lessons. Ben H. even went as far as to tie in his relationship with Kaitlyn, something that really stuck with the Bachelorette. During the after party she ends up giving him the group date rose, explaining that he really impressed her and took their relationship to the next level.

Cocktail Party

“Bachelorette fans missed out on another rose ceremony this week thanks to cocktail party drama. So, who was the troublemaker this time around? JJ … AND Clint! The pair developed a serious bromance since joining the ABC series. But for Clint their relationship was more than just teaming up and “bro-ing” out.

Although Clint pulls Kaitlyn aside at the start of the cocktail party to apologize for ignoring her during the group date, he tells the cameras that he wants a rose so he could continue hanging out with JJ. The contestant adds that he’s developed a connection with JJ, which makes him want to fight for the rose more.

Kaitlyn initially buys Clint’s apology, however she changes her mind about the contestant after speaking to the other guys. Thirteen out of the 15 remaining men in the house spoke poorly of Clint, and Kaitlyn knew she was being played by him. Episode 3 of “The Bachelorette” ends with her pulling him aside to confront him.