JoJo Fletcher is ready to find love. Just as the Season 12 star of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” begins her journey to discover what may be her future husband, she opened up about her experience on Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor” and how her family played a crucial role in helping her find romance.

Like previous seasons of the ABC series, JoJo revealed viewers will get to see her interact with her family. And despite her disastrous hometown date in Dallas with Ben and her brood last season (relive the awkward moment below), JoJo says she doesn’t expect drama involving her loved ones this time around.

“Watching back last season that was just a nightmare of a hometown date. I think everyone felt my pain,” JoJo recently dished during a press call. “You saw my mom chug straight from a bottle, that’s how stressed she was. It definitely wasn’t the easiest hometown date.” JoJo said her brothers, who infamously gave Ben a hard time, almost predicted he would side with now fiancée Lauren Bushnell over their sibling. “They saw heartbreak in my future at that point,” JoJo said.

This season JoJo says her family will be involved and honest, but will also let her go on her own adventure. “Coming into this season, things are a little different, there’s not as much risk for me,” she said. “I think this time around they are a little more confident that things can work out but at the same time I wouldn’t change the fact that they’re honest and they give me their opinion because their opinion means a lot to me.”

And despite getting her heart broken on national TV, JoJo says her loved ones couldn’t be more supportive of her “Bachelorette” journey. “They were excited and supportive of me going on ‘The Bachelor’ last season … It was the hardest for them just having that gut feeling that maybe Ben’s feelings weren’t as strong as mine. But coming into this, they’re so excited for me. They’re hoping that this all turns out how it’s supposed to.”

While JoJo admits she went into this season dreading the idea of breaking up with contestants — she says she’s never had to an end a relationship before — and being hurt, her family’s advice helped guide her. “The only advice my family gave me was trust your heart and believe in yourself and just take it one step at a time and things will work out,” she said. “This time around I think my family just is like trusting in how I deal with things and they’re just excited for me and they’re just supportive of whatever happens.”

Whatever the future holds for JoJo, whether that be marriage and babies (she definitely wants them down the line!), she says she’s just happy how she’s matured throughout filming. “I think that was one of the greatest things that I’ve been able to take away from this whole thing is I think that I have been able to grow so much,” she said. “I’ve lived so much life in the last 6 to 8 months … I think that I just learned to become more just confident in who I am as a woman… I think a lot differently about certain things and I think my family has seen that.”

Watch JoJo’s journey to find love on “The Bachelorette” Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.