Rachel Lindsay announces she’s engaged before the “Bachelorette” Season 13 premiere. ABC/Facebook

Rachel Lindsay’s about to begin her journey as “The Bachelorette.” While the show hasn’t premiered, the Season 13 star assures fans her quest to find love will be fruitful.

During a conference call on Thursday, Rachel revealed that she found love on “The Bachelorette.” She was tight-lipped about which of the 31 contestants she chose in the final rounds of competition on the ABC dating series, but shared a few hints. Rachel told Us Weekly that the man she chose is just about perfect — so much so that sometimes, she can’t believe it’s happened.

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“Every morning I wake up and pinch myself and I keep asking myself if this is really happening,” she said. “It’s crazy at times. I feel like I don’t even deserve this. I feel like I’m getting everything that I want and I am getting my happy ending.”

Although she’s basking in pre-marital bliss, Rachel has no plans of rushing down the aisle. Much like Nick Viall, who chose Vanessa Grimaldi at the end of Season 21 of “The Bachelor,” she and her mystery man intend to stay engaged for a while. During the call, she revealed plans to spend a while getting to know each other first.

As for what else Bachelor Nation can expect, host Chris Harrison told E! Online things in the house are going to get heated. He revealed that the cast is made up of so many different personalities and so many successful men that aren’t used to confrontation, that it was bound to happen. It’ll all be worth it in the end though.

“You have all these Type A personalities, some older guys, more professional, because of who Rachel is,” he teased. “These guys are used to being successful, and good at what they do. And they’re not used to having people getting in their face, and so there’s some conflict.”

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ABC confirmed the “Bachelorette” Season 13 cast on Wednesday. Rachel will be dating 31 men, all of whom are very different from the other. The cast is made up of men of differing races, backgrounds and lifestyles — in fact, this “Bachelorette” cast contains a previously married man, as well as one with a child.

One member of the cast has made a name for himself before the show’s premiere as well, though it’s not necessarily for the right reasons. Lee Garrett, a 30-year-old from Tennessee, is making waves online due to his social media presence. Both his Twitter and Instagram bios describe him as “pleasantly offensive” and are full of pro-Trump, anti-feminist rhetoric.

The cast announcement has “Bachelorette” fans wondering which of the 31 eligible bachelors Rachel will chose. She was asked about her ideal man during an interview ahead of Season 13. The Texan revealed that while race isn’t a factor in who she dates, she absolutely cannot stand cockiness in a man.

“I do not like a cocky guy. I like a confident guy,” she told ET Online. “You can toe the line just a little bit, but I cannot stand a cocky guy.”

Tune in to “The Bachelorette” Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.