Becca is moving onto hometown dates on the next installment of “The Bachelorette.” Viewers of the ABC dating competition will watch as she meets Blake, Garrett, Jordan and Colton’s families in episode 8 before sending one of them home during a rose ceremony.

Garrett’s Date

Becca’s hometown dates episode will kick off with a trip to Manteca, California, to spend time with Garrett. “He isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, teaching her to plant tomatoes and her own rose bush,” reveals the synopsis.

Despite their strong connection all season, Becca questions if she’ll be able to prove to his family that she is a good fit for him following his failed marriage. As she expects, Garrett’s family is “cautiously curious” about her and their conversation takes an emotional turn when “memories of Garrett’s divorce re-emerge.”

“No one wants him to be put through that pain again, especially his mother,” reveals the synopsis. “But will Becca be able to convince them that her feelings are genuine?”

Jason’s Date

After meeting some of his friends during an earlier episode, Becca will get to know Jason’s family during her visit to Buffalo, New York, in episode 8. It is there that the couple will enjoy ice hockey before meeting up with his brood. During the date, Jason will struggle to tell Becca how he feels. His family, however, won’t hold back about their skepticism regarding the three other men in her life.

Blake’s Date

Blake shares some painful memories about the divorce of his parents and a traumatic event from his high school days while Becca is paying him a visit in Bailey, Colorado. ABC has also teased that during their time together, Becca may have trouble understanding why Blake is afraid to get his heart broken. Their date does not end on a sad note, though, as Blake will surprise his “Bachelorette” with a concert.

Colton’s Date

The last hometown date viewers will see will be Colton’s, which will also take place in Colorado. During the date, the pair will go shopping and visit a children’s hospital where Colton often frequents. “Seeing him interact with kids, Becca’s attraction grows. What a father he would be! But she still wonders if he is ready for a lifelong commitment,” teases the episode’s synopsis.

Later on, Becca will “wade through difficult waters” with Colton’s parents when topics such as Colton’s virginity and his past romance with “Bachelor” alum Tia Booth come up.

Back At The Mansion

Before the rose ceremony, Becca will meet with some of her friends from “The Bachelor,” including Tia, at “The Bachelorette” mansion in Los Angeles. It is there that Becca will learn some “shocking information” that ABC has teased will throw her decision-making process into turmoil.

Who Is Eliminated?

It has already been revealed by Reality Steve that Tia will share her feelings for Colton with Becca, which in some way will ultimately lead to his elimination. Viewers will remember that earlier in the season, Colton and Tia informed Becca they no longer had feelings for one another after previously dating.

With Colton out of the picture, that means Garrett, Blake, and Jason are Becca’s final three and will be heading on to the fantasy suite dates episode.

Catch the next episode of “The Bachelorette” on Monday, July 16, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.