“The Bachelorette” fans aware of Season 15’s finale outcome may be disappointed to learn that lead Hannah Brown decided against 2019 finalist Tyler Cameron in favor of Jed Wyatt on the ABC series. (Though it appears from "After The Final Rose" that Tyler and Hannah are going to give their relationship another shot!) While Tyler always appeared to be a front-runner on the show, there were several signs this season that he was destined to be Hannah’s initial runner-up. Here are six of them:

Low-Key First Impression

tyler bachelorette
Tyler and Hannah from "The Bachelorette" 2019 season. ABC

Tyler didn’t earn Hannah’s first impression rose with that honor going to Luke Parker. Still, he did share his feelings for her during the premiere, making it clear that he wasn’t first-night elimination material. After arriving at the Bachelor mansion in the first limo full of Hannah’s contestants, he immediately complimented Hannah and told her that he was “stoked” to learn she was “The Bachelorette.” He finished off his introduction by saying her smile was “worth every mile” traveling from Florida to meet her.

The War, Not The Battle

Tyler made an interesting comment in episode 2. During the roller derby group date, after his team lost, he had this to say: “That’s the battle. Losing the battle, win the war. Winning the war is winning the rose. I still got a lot of time to make up.” Unfortunately for Tyler, it looks like he did eventually lose the war of Hannah’s heart to Jed.

Tyler The “Player”

After a rough group date (thanks to drama between the two Lukes), Hannah made it clear she was not in the right frame of mind for her first one-on-one with Tyler. Later, during the dinner portion of their outing, she thanked Tyler for comforting her only to inform him that her first impression of him wasn’t so kind. She went on to reveal that she first considered him to be “a little player.” Still, the two ended their date on a high note with Tyler receiving a rose.

“I Love You?”

Jed was the first “The Bachelorette” contestant this season to get an “I love you” from Hannah. Tyler made his love for Hannah clear before the finale, but it wasn't until part one of the season closer that Hannah told Tyler her feelings for him. Was it too little, too late?

Fantasy Date Hesitation

Hannah was reportedly “hesitant” to go on her fantasy suite date with Tyler. Later in the episode, she revealed that she slept with fellow finalist Peter Weber multiple times on their date. She didn’t disclose the events of her overnight date with Jed, however, she made it clear to Tyler they would not be physically intimate with him because she wanted to grow their emotional connection instead.

Supportive But Not Forever

In part one of the finale, Hannah shared her thoughts on her final two men. When she spoke about Jed, she classified him as a "forever, best friend of a partner that I want." When it came time to discuss Tyler, she only called him "supportive," which said she was "sexy."

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