After spoiling the ending of Hannah Brown’s “The Bachelorette” season by revealing she will end up with contestant Jed Wyatt, only to call it quits with him after learning he had a girlfriend during production, fans of the ABC show have made it clear they want to see a reconciliation between Hannah and her runner-up, Tyler Cameron.

Despite a desire from fans to see a Hannah-Tyler reunion, Reality Steve has revealed that’s likely not going to happen. His latest update comes after telling his readers earlier this month that there was no "doubt that Hannah would certainly be interested in Tyler" but that he was unsure "where Tyler is at."

After receiving multiple messages questioning the current status of Hannah and Tyler’s relationship, the spoiler blogger revealed the former couple’s fate in a blog post on Tuesday.

“I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It’s not happening,” he wrote. “Regardless of whatever they’re doing online, I’m being told there is nothing going on between Hannah and Tyler, nor will there be come the live ATFR ["After The Final Rose"].”

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While Tyler has been noticeably protective of Hannah on social media post-show, the blogger said the “strong connection” they had on the ABC series “doesn’t mean anything in terms of them getting back together.”

“... I’m just telling you you might want to lower your expectations because I’m told it’s not in the cards,” he added.

So, why not reconcile? According to the blogger’s findings, Tyler’s mother may have let it slip that he is on track to be ABC’s next “The Bachelor.” During a viewing party in Tyler’s home state this week, his mother was allegedly overheard telling fans her son will be the network’s new lead.

While this information is far from confirmed, Reality Steve did admit it wouldn’t a “major surprise” should Tyler take the role come 2020. “But do I think he’s already been chosen and his mom spoiled it? Probably not,” he added.

This isn’t the first time the blogger has pegged Tyler as the next “The Bachelor” lead. He was named a contender alongside fellow contestant Peter Weber -- who has since weathered a scandal -- last month.

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Tyler and Hannah in "The Bachelorette" Season 15, episode 7. ABC