DeMario Jackson is certainly not feeling the love for his former "Bachelor" family—especially the host of all shows related to the franchise, Chris Harrison.

During a recent appearance on the Rose Buds podcast, DeMario, who was famously dismissed from Rachel Lindsay's season of "The bachelorette" for allegedly having a girlfriend and later caught up in a sexual assault scandal during filming of "Bachelor In Paradise," revealed that he and Chris have never really seen eye-to-eye, and he even indicated that the longtime host of the franchise shows even had a weird obsession with causing trouble for him.

"Prior to the whole Corinne show, [Harrison] had a hard on for me as if like, I like, hooked up with his wife or something. It was crazy," DeMario said during the Oct, 24 episode of the podcast. "I met this guy like three total times for less than 10 seconds and he legit hated... like, when I say hate, like deep-rooted. Like him and I at the "Men Tell All," we had like 30 minutes of battle and I'm like 'Bro, Lexi, I was already told they put her up to it.' Then he went to the press and talked all this s--t when we were in the middle of all this."

DeMario was initially sent home from "The Bachelorette" after an alleged girlfriend named Lexi showed up during a group date and informed Rachel that she and DeMario had been together before he appeared on the show, DeMario initially seemed confused by who Lexi was, before telling Rachel he had previously been with her. Because of the lies, Rachel sent him home.

Afterwards, DeMario was set to be a part of the initial cast of "Bachelor In Paradise" season 4, but production was shut down on the show when he was suspected of an alleged sexual assault scandal with Corinne Olympios, who had competed on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor." An investigation was conducted and DeMario was cleared of all allegations, but neither he nor Corinne returned to the show.

Though DeMario doesn't seem to have much love for the franchise host, it appears his relationship with Corinne is still intact. The two recently reunited at MAXIM Magazine's Halloween party over the weekend, and he also still appears to be close to his fellow "Bachelorette cast-offs as well.

In a post to Instagram, earlier this week, DeMario shared that he was still close with Dean Unglert, Iggy Rodriguez and Peter Kraus, as well as JoJo Fletcher cast-off Chase McNary, as the group all attended an event together and even held hands with one another for a photo.


Unbreakable bond! #RoseBoys

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He also shared a photo of himself with Unglert and Adam Gottschalk in September, where the three appeared to be enjoying a night out together. That photo shaded a tweet Rachel had shared where she referred to friendships from the franchise as "fickle and fleeting."

"Someone said, 'These bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting' and I disagree," he captioned the photo. "These bachelor friendships got me through a dark time and I'm grateful for my brothers, sisters, and bachelor nation. Hopefully that someone will find real love in paradise next year and stop being petty on social networks."