Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were spotted together again.

On Saturday, the "Bachelor in Paradise" alums reunited at the Maxim Magazine's Halloween party where the pair even posed for a photo together. Jackson was dressed as a biker in a leather vest and bandana, while Olympios sported a sexy fembot costume that was inspired by the movie "Austin Powers," Entertainment Tonight reported.

Olympios shared the snapshot of them together on Instagram. "MAXIM Magazine's 2017 Halloween Party Invite Cod: Ls1980. Fembot - Biker Boy take Halloween," she wrote in the caption.

Jackson shared the same photo and in his caption, he wrote: "This fembot captured me tonight!"

The photos sparked another round of speculation regarding Olympios and Jackson's dating status. "Are they dating officially now? I'm so confused," one follower commented on Jackson's post.

Meanwhile, some reminded the former "Bachelorette" star about his scandal and drama with Olympios. "Watch where you put your hands or you'll ha e another scandal to deal with," Stormyfaran commented, to which Olympios replied, "@stormyfaran get a life."

Olympios and Jackson made headlines due to their sex scandal that allegedly caused the shutdown of the filming of "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 in Mexico. Olympios previously accused Jackson of taking advantage of her when she was drunk after they were filmed kissing and touching each other in the pool. However, during her sit-down interview with "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison, Olympios changed her tune, explaining that she didn't blame Jackson and even issuing an apology to him.

"I really just want people to know that I don't blame DeMario. I never pointed fingers at DeMario. I never said a bad word about DeMario," Olympios said. "I am so sorry you had to go through this. I know exactly what it feels like...and I wish you all the best and I'm sorry."

A day after the interview, the pair reunited for the first time since the scandal broke and proved that there was no bad blood between them. In fact, Olympios jumped into Jackson's arms, wrapped her legs around him and kissed him when they saw each other. Since then, they were spotted multiple times together hanging out and sharing meals, sparking rumors that they could be dating.

However, Olympios continues to insist that they are just pals. "We are friends. We're actually really good friends," Olympios said.

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Corinne Olympios Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson reunited at Maxim's Halloween party.