“Bachelorette” fans are going to have to wait a full week to see the conclusion of the dramatic cocktail party blow up between Eric Bigger and his co-stars. ABC won’t be airing Season 13, episode 4 on Monday, June 12.

The show’s been boxed out by the NBA finals. Rather than find out which “Bachelorette” stars get roses and which get sent packing, viewers will find Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors taking on Lebron James and the Cleveland Caveliers. The game is the fifth in a series of seven.

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Season 13, episode 4 promises to be worth the wait, though. According to Bachelor Nation spoiler blogger Reality Steve, when “The Bachelorette” returns, Rachel Lindsay and her suitors are heading for South Carolina. During the trip, the reality star will invite Dean to join her for a one-on-one ride in the Goodyear blimp and a Russell Dickerson concert. The spoiler blogger obtained video of “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison addressing the crowd before Rachel and Dean stepped out on stage.

Jack will also get some alone time with Rachel. Photos obtained by Reality Steve show the pair learning to shuck and shag during their “Bachelorette” Episode 4 date. Unfortunately for Jack, it’s been reported that he doesn’t get a rose during his date and is sent packing.

As the for rest of the gang, there will be two group dates. Jonathan, Alex, Peter, Will, Bryan, Eric, Josiah, Kenny, Iggy, Adam, Anthony and Matt will spend some time on a party boat before competing in a spelling bee. Video captured by a fan suggests that Josiah wins the competition.

Jack won’t be the only “Bachelorette” Season 13 hopeful going home in episode 4 though. According to Reality Steve, the episode will feature a rose ceremony that sees two other contestants sent packing, and Jonathan and Iggy are believed to be the next men to get the ax.

When Season 13, episode 3 came to a close, Eric was feuding with a number of his co-stars. The contestant, who won a rose for being open and honest with Rachel about his insecurities, was furious that his housemates had been bad mouthing him to the “Bachelorette.” At the center of the conflict was Lee, who revealed himself as the Season 13 villain.

Previews for the episode suggest Lee will find himself at odds with others, not just Eric. “Bachelorette” hopeful Will is shown counseling him about his racially charged language after he describes both Eric and Kenny as “aggressive.” It’s unclear what will come from the confrontation, but “Bachelorette” viewers should brace themselves for some serious drama.

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Lee’s role in the cast should come as no surprise. Before Season 13 of “The Bachelorette” aired, International Business Times uncovered some questionable tweets on the reality star’s timeline. Lee, who described himself as “pleasantly offensive” in his Twitter and Instagram bios, posted several messages supporting Donald Trump for president, dubbing the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization and hailing himself as a “meninist.”

As more and more “Bachelorette” fans discovered his controversial tweets, which are now protected, Harrison finally issued a response. The show’s host claimed neither he nor anyone else at the network were aware of Lee’s views. Harrison called the tweets “unfortunate.”