DeMario’s back and he’s ready to plead his case to return to “The Bachelorette” mansion in episode 3, but is Rachel willing to forgive and forget?

While the Dallas native is “floored” by her Season 13, episode 2 cast away’s bravery, she’s not quick to trust him. With the “Bachelorette” cast nearby, she sends DeMario packing for a second time. Relieved and empowered, she returns to the mansion to enjoy a cocktail party with her remaining suitors calling his visit “a waste of my time.”

There’s a sense of relief among the “Bachelorette” cast — Rachel’s committed to spending time with them and feels they all want to be there. She jumps right into socializing with them, sharing a special moment with Kenny. He shows her photos of his daughter and really opens up allowing sparks to fly.

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Meanwhile, there’s a feud brewing inside the mansion. Blake E. and Lucas throw jabs back and forth. Lucas attempts to get a leg up on his main competitor, telling Rachel a strange story about Blake E. eating a banana over him in bed that turns out to be false.

The Rose Ceremony

After having a chance to connect with Rachel, it’s time for the “Bachelorette” hopefuls to line up and find out whether they’re getting a rose or a ticket home. Jamey, Lucas and Blake E. are sent packing, which is a shock to the latter pair. Outside of the mansion, tensions come to a head. Blake E. confronts Lucas, alleging that he was dragged into drama that got him eliminated from the ABC series.

Group Date No. 1

The following day, “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison emerges in the mansion to deliver a date card. Bryan, Peter, Alex, Will, Jonathan and Fred are selected to join Rachel for an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Ellen DeGeneres is critical of the men and puts them to the test.

First, she questions whether Rachel’s kissed any of her suitors and is shocked by the response, as are the contestants. Bryan reveals that he “kisses and tells,” which Ellen doesn’t seem impressed by. Will then shocks his co-stars by sharing that he, too, locked lips with “The Bachelorette” Peter, on the other hand, stays quiet.

Ellen then tasks the men with stripping down and putting on a show for the audience in the name of charity and they’re ready and willing. They shed their shirts and head into the crowd to have their pants stuffed with dollar bills. Alex, Bryan, Will and Fred go in with their dance moves while Jonathan flounders a bit.

Next up is a game of Never Have I Ever that allows Rachel to really connect with her “Bachelorette” contestants in a fun, lighthearted way. The truth comes out about Rachel and Peter’s kiss during the game, which puts the pressure on the rest of the cast. Fred also gets a moment to discuss his past with Rachel, which he seems genuinely frustrated about.

From there they head to a cocktail party where Fred is sent home. Alex wins the group date rose.

Solo Date

Rachel whisks Anthony away for a one of a kind outing. The pair ride horses down Rodeo Drive and do a little shopping before heading high atop the city to enjoy dinner with a view. They connect and he’s given a rose.

Group Date No. 2

Brady, Iggy, Adam, Kenny, Lee, Jack and Eric are selected to get down and dirty with Rachel. Her “Bachelor” Season 21 co-stars have put together a mud wrestling event in the hopes that the guys will cut loose a little and show their true colors. Kenny dominates, but loses the final match of the night to Brady.

There’s a bigger upset among the “Bachelorette” Season 13 cast than the pro-wrestler being defeated in a kiddie pool full of mud, though. Rachel hears from her girls that Eric, whom they once all agreed was great for her, may not be there for the right reasons. Dean is now the favorite among her posse.

Back at the house, Rachel and her freshly showered “Bachelorette” contestants sip cocktails and chat each other up. The reality star confronts Eric about his intentions, which provides him the perfect opportunity to lay his feelings on the table. Rachel’s impressed and awards him the group date rose.

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Not long after he’s selected as the winner, Rachel hears more chatter about his intentions. She confronts him again, but chooses to believe him over the rumors. While Eric emerges as more vulnerable than expected, Lee cements himself as the Season 13 villain saying one thing to his co-stars’ faces and another in interviews.

It looks like he’ll stir up more drama in episode 4 as he’s approached about the way he speaks about his black co-stars. Previews for the episode show Will explaining to him that the way he speaks — repeatedly describing Eric, Kenny and others as “aggressive” — carries serious weight in today’s society.

How will that unfold? You’ll just have to tune in to “The Bachelorette” Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC to find out.