• Third-party companies see Apple's iPhones as good gaming devices
  • A company named Backbone created a new gaming controller for the iPhone
  • The Backbone One controller can only be purchased using the Backbone app

Backbone Labs has released a new gaming controller for the iPhone called the Backbone One.

The new accessory will remind users of Razer's Kishi controller for iOS in that they both connect with the iPhone via Lightning and hold the handset in place while users play. However, its specs show that it's not just another gaming controller and have made it a contender for the best controller for the iPhone.

Here's a quick look at the new Backbone One's features:


The Backbone One controller looks different from Razer's Kishi and even the Nintendo Switch's standard Joy-Cons. The new accessory is designed to offer users better grip – as if they are holding a real controller like the PlayStation's DualShock or the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Backbone One features the usual buttons and joysticks expected of a game controller. It has two joysticks (one for each side), a directional pad on the left side and the usual XYAB face buttons on the right.

It also has two shoulder triggers for each side. The Verge noted that these triggers “feel better” than those on the Joy-Cons.

Backbone One The new Backbone One gaming controller for iPhone. Photo: Backbone

Convenience features

Aside from those buttons, the Backbone One also features a Capture button that lets users instantly record a gameplay clip so they can share it with friends and others online via iMessage, Instagram Stories and other social platforms.

The controller also has two ports, one on each side. There's a 3.5mm headphone port located on the left side, perfect for those who prefer to use wired headphones. On the right side, there's a Lightning port that can be used for pass-through charging, allowing iPhone users to enjoy their games longer. The Lightning port can also be used for wired EarPods with Lightning.

Software integration

Backbone designed the Backbone One so that it can be used on its own. The device, however, can be maximized via the use of the Backbone app, which can be accessed with a simple press of the orange-colored button on the right side of the controller.

The app, which looks like an operating system of its own, shows players all of the games on their iPhone and other games they can download. The app also gives users access to all screenshots and videos they recorded while playing games.


Backbone is selling the new Backbone One controller for $100. Interested parties can only purchase it using the Backbone app, which can be downloaded here.